Passenger is arrested on the plane after doing what “Jesus told” and putting the flight at risk

A woman had an outbreak during a flight and had to be arrested after ‘doing what Jesus said’, putting the lives of all passengers at risk.

The plane left Houston, bound for Columbus (USA), on November 26th. The passenger was the American, Elom Agbegninou, 34 years old.

At the time, she got out of her seat and went to the back of the aircraft, next to the emergency door. Even receiving alerts to return to the correct location, the woman ignored it and pulled the lever.

The stewardesses who were nearby panicked and shouted for help, as the plane was 37,000 meters high.

A man wanted to help and tried to restrain Elon. At this time, he was bitten on the thigh and the wound promptly began to bleed.

With that, it was necessary to make an emergency landing for the police to detain the woman, who still remained on the ground, hitting her head, while screaming “Jesus told me to fly to Ohio and to open the plane door”.

Authorities explained that the suspect had an anxiety attack on the date. She reportedly left the house without telling anyone and had no luggage with her.

Despite the scare, only the passenger was injured by the bite and the flight could be resumed later.

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