President Castillo announces dissolution of Congress in Peru

Measure is seen as a coup d’état by the opposition

7 dec
– 2:43 pm

(updated at 3:03 pm)

President Castillo announces dissolution of Congress in Peru

President Castillo announces dissolution of Congress in Peru

Photo: Twitter/@presidenciaperu / Estadão

The President of Peru, Pedro Castilloannounced the dissolution of the country’s Congress and an “exception government” until new elections are held this Wednesday, 7. The measure is seen as a coup d’état by the president by the opposition.

In a message to the nation, Castillo stated that it is necessary “to call elections as soon as possible for a new Congress with constituent capacity to create a new Constitution in a maximum of nine months.” “Until a new Congress is established, the country will be governed by means of decree-laws,” he added.

In addition, the president determined a curfew starting today, between 10 pm and 4 am, to avoid protests – which were already scheduled by the opposition. He also stated that a “reorganization of the justice system” will be carried out, with changes in the Judiciary, the Public Ministry, the National Board of Justice and the Constitutional Court.

While opponents, who were already debating the third request for impeachment against Castillo, speak of a coup, supporters of the president say that he activated the measure contained in the Constitution.

Castillo, on the left, took power in July last year by defeating far-right candidate Keiko Fujimori, daughter of former dictator Alberto Fujimori. Since then, on several occasions, he has been the target of parliamentary motions and investigations that tried to remove him from power, but the politician managed to reverse the measures during the plenary votes.

The South American country has had a turbulent politics for decades, with practically all the presidents elected in the last 20 years still alive arrested for crimes during their mandates. Castillo’s two predecessors, who were right-wing, resigned after being the targets of several impeachment calls.

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