“R$100 million”; ‘Novelty’ can raise Santos’ level and Rueda is confident to ‘receive the PIX’


President revealed business that can “save” Peixe’s accounts

Rueda, president of Santos - Photo: Pedro EG Azevedo/Santos FC
Rueda, president of Santos – Photo: Pedro EG Azevedo/Santos FC

The president Andres Rueda stated that on the 1st of December the saints received the value of US$ 3 million (about R$ 17 million) from Binance’s sponsorship quota. In addition, after December 15th, the Vila Belmiro team can still earn more than R$ 100 million.

Peixe currently accumulates something close to 1.3 million tokens, with the unit quoted at US$ 6.70. If the sale were finalized on Tuesday (6), the Club would receive US$ 8.7 million dollars (about R$ 45 million reais). According to ‘Diário do Peixe’, in November, the Fan Token price reached US$ 17 and in a possible sale it would be US$ 22 million (R$ 114 million).

“People say: hey, whatever you do, it didn’t increase revenue. On the 1st, we received US$ 3 million dollars (R$ 17 million in current exchange rate) from Binance, with a fan token. And on the 15th I have a possibility, depending on the market, of receiving between 50 and 80 million. All because of fan token. This is planting quietly, knowing that it was going to come in”, said Rueda to Blog Soul Santista.

Binance arrived at Santos in November last year, with the Club receiving R$55 million with images printed on the shirt over the next three years, becoming the official partnership of Peixe for the sales of Fan Tokens and NFT’s.

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