Real Madrid advances by Endrick and sees PSG lose strength in ‘race’ for Palmeiras jewel

Palmeiras’ 16-year promise is disputed by several of the main clubs in European football, who are willing to pay the fine of 60 million euros

the future of endrick certainly is in European football. Jewel of 16 years of the base categories of the palm treesthe striker is sought after by several of the main clubs in the Old Continent, although he can only actually transfer when he reaches the age of majority.

One of these interested parties, however, seems to have an advantage in the fight. THE ESPN found that the Real Madrid formalized a proposal by Endrick to Palmeiras and, thus, increased the chances of closing the deal🇧🇷

The officialization of the merengue offer is a consequence of the behind-the-scenes relationship between Real Madrid and Endrick’s staff🇧🇷

As published by ESPN last Monday (5), the striker has a scheduled trip to Spain in order to get to know the facilities and the project that the current champion of Champions League has to offer.

Real Madrid hopes that, with a personal visit from Endrick and his staff, negotiations can accelerate and it is easier to close a deal with Palmeiras. Talks between clubs are ongoing.

It is worth remembering that, to release Endrick, Palmeiras only accepts negotiations of at least 60 million euros (R$ 328 million), which represents the termination fine. There is even a chance toand whoever closes with the attacker agrees to pay a larger sum🇧🇷

According to the Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano, specialized in the transfer market, Real Madrid would be willing to pay the full amount of the fine and plus 12 million euros (R$ 65 million) in bonuses to be hit by the attacker.

Still according to Romano, the growth of Real Madrid in the dispute reduces the chances of PSG🇧🇷 The French signaled with an offer of 58 million euros (R$ 317 million) for Endrick and another 35 million euros (R$ 191 million) for Estevãoanother alviverde jewel, but the Brazilian club rejected it.

THE ESPN found that, in fact, talks with the Paris club cooled down. Today, the team that has Neymar, the Brazilian national team’s star, is not among the strongest candidates to stay with Endrick.

Who else dreams of Endrick

In addition to Real Madrid and PSG, teams like barcelona and chelsea also made contact with the staff of shirt number 16.

At the beginning of the year, the boy was in Barcelona and got to know the club’s facilities. Coach Xavi Hernández himself revealed the details of the match in an interview with Mendel Bydlowskireporter for ESPN channels, during the World Cup in Qatar.

At the beginning of November, the The Timesfrom England, also published that Chelsea, like their rivals, invited the athlete to visit the club’s modern facilities in London🇧🇷 In addition, the diary reveals that the British team used defender Thiago Silva to help welcome Endrick and his family.

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