Real Madrid promises to cover tax to have Endrick

Real Madrid (ESP) gained strength in negotiating the signing of Endrick on account of a promise made to Palmeiras.

O UOL Sport found out that the Spaniards promise to cover a large part of the 15% that the Spanish tax authorities take in transactions from Brazilian players to Spanish clubs, in order to approach the tax burden of markets such as England and France.

The madridista promise makes Palmeiras’ earnings rise in the event of a negotiation and reduces the club’s resistance to closing a deal with a team from Spain.

Without this compensation, Palmeiras would no longer earn R$45 million if Endrick’s rights were acquired by the €60 million fine – R$302 million.

Today, in addition to Real Madrid, PSG (FRA) and Chelsea (ING) are in the fight for the player. But the French took their foot off the accelerator in the dispute.

The report learned that the French club even offered R$ 302 million (55 million euros) for Endrick, an amount refused by the Palmeiras club.

Last week, PSG made a combined offer of R$ 430 million (80 million euros) to hire Endrick and Estevão, a 15-year-old striker who will compete in the São Paulo Cup for Verdão from January 2nd.

The French even raised the proposal for the pair, but Palmeiras did not give in, which cooled the spirit of Messi and Neymar’s club for the hiring of Endrick.

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