Samsung confirms that GDDR7 memories will have a bandwidth of 36 Gbps, double that of GDDR6

So far, the new technology does not even have a debut forecast.

Samsung released this Tuesday (6) more details about the new GDDR7 memory standard🇧🇷 According to the South Korean manufacturer, the new technology should have twice the bandwidth and density of the current GDDR6 models, thanks to the use of the new signaling solution known as PAM3.

As the company explains, the technology causes 0s and 1s stored in DRAM memory to be transmitted to other devices (such as GPUS) through electrical waves known as “signals”🇧🇷 This information is received and interpreted by patterns in the waveform of the signal, ensuring improved performance🇧🇷

PAM3 represents a big leap over the PAM 2 solution — also called NRZ (No Return to Zero) — applied in current GDDR6 memories. With that, while the new models GDDR7 must reach the market capable of reaching bandwidth speeds of 36 Gbpsthe fastest models based on technology already available are limited to 24 Gbps.

GDDR7 should still take a while to become standard

Despite the gains disclosed by Samsung, the expectation is that the GDDR7 technology will still take a considerable time to become the market standard🇧🇷 Currently, companies like NVIDIA have given preference to the solution GDDR6Xwhich uses the PAM 4 signaling method to reach speeds of up to 23 Gbps.

When the new technology promoted by the South Korean manufacturer is launched, it must have 1152 GB/s bandwidth with 256-bit memory bus, or 1728 GB/s with 384-bit memory bus🇧🇷 So far, however, there is no prediction of when the new DRAMs should make their debut, nor which partners will work with the company.

Recently, Samsung also announced the development of GDDR6W memories, its competing solution from GDDR6X🇧🇷 According to the company, the new models have memory bands that reach 1.4TB/s and will help build the hardware that will underpin new experiences in the metaverse

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Samsung’s new LPDDR5X DRAM memories reach 8.5 Gbps and break a record
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