Samsung Gaming Hub: Access to Game Pass on 2021 TVs is rolling out

Check Out Samsung’s 2021 TV Models Getting the Xbox App

THE samsung revealed that the app Xbox Cloud Gaming is already being made available for televisions launched in 2021 by the company, including models QN800A, AU7000, AU8000, Q80 and others. Samsung had announced last month that 2021 models would also get the app later this year, after launching in July only for models released in 2022.

Players will only need a Microsoft and a signature of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to get access to hundreds of games. It is worth mentioning that the game fortnite can be played for free with no subscription required.

To access the app, you’ll need to update your compatible TV’s firmware to the latest, which will enable the Xbox app on your device. You can check out the list of 2021 Samsung TVs becoming compatible below.

List of 2021 Samsung Smart TVs That Are Getting the Xbox App

In all countries: QN800A, QN850A, QN900A, WS1A, QN700A, LS03A, AU7000, AU8000, AU9000, QN95A-QN85A and Q80A-Q50A.
Exclusively in the United States: 98QN90A, 32Q60A, all sizes of Q70A and AU8000.

The list of controls compatible with Samsung devices is quite comprehensive and includes wired models (USB) and bluetooth🇧🇷 Among the main ones are the controls of Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Xbox Elite, Xbox Adaptive Controller, DualShock 4, Dual Sense, Logitech F310, F510 and F710 and more.

“Samsung Smart TV 2021 Game Streaming is Officially Launching!

  1. Check the latest firmware update on your Samsung Smart TV 2021.
  2. Plug in your favorite controller.
  3. Start playing on our incredible lineup of game streaming services!”

Did you like Samsung’s news for company TV owners launched in 2021? Do you plan to play Xbox Game Pass games via xCloud with the upgrade? Participate in the comments with your opinion!

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