See how to FIND OUT if someone is FAKE on the web: simplified step by step

Google Reverse Lookup: Ever heard of it? It helps to know how to find out if someone’s online picture is fake. Google has a feature in their search engine that allows you to reverse image search to try to determine the origin of the photos and see the same or similar results.

This feature can help you, for example, to find out if your virtual love is using fake photos (eg stock photos). Or even facilitate the location of a product that you are interested in but do not remember the name to look for. and even check if they use your photos inappropriately. Understand more in the text.

Learn to identify – Photo: disclosure

How to do reverse image search

It is necessary to choose a file or to have the file available, the link with the image you want to search. On the computer, just open the standard Google search engine and click on the camera symbol. Google can include three options will appear. Take the image by dragging it to the highlighted box, upload the file or paste the image link. Choose the option you want and select the “Search” button.

On your Android or iOS phone: Go to the Google Images page. Search for images. tap the image. In the upper-right corner, tap “Browse Image”. What appears in the results? Google may match results for objects in the image, similar images or websites that contain the image or a similar one.

Reverse image search is a computer technique that involves extracting an image from its content. It’s a kind of “image-by-instance query” where you can get results from large image databases with digital images. They depend on the context of colors, shapes, textures, metadata or any other information of an image.

When you do a reverse image search, the results may include similar images, sites that include the image, or the same image in different sizes.

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What do you use?

Reverse image searches can be useful in many situations: they can help discover the original author of a photograph or illustration. They allow you to find out the date of creation, the source of publication, verify the veracity of an image, discover manipulated versions, check copyright or find out if someone has used a photo of you without authorization.

If, for example, we want to use an image that we find on the web, but we don’t know if it is copyrighted, a reverse search can give us the answer. If you’ve posted your photos or images online and want to know if people are using your content without your permission, a reverse search can help you find the offenders.

Reverse Image Search can also be used to verify whether a photo is fake or manipulated to generate misinformation or cause confusion in a crisis situation. In conclusion, this is a great tool for people working in the media.

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