Selena Gomez confirms she’s working on new music

Selena Gomez is a singer and actress, protagonist of the documentary My Mind & Me, a personal story about mental health, which had its seven years of production. She was on The Tonight Show, Monday night (December 5), starring Jimmy Fallon, to chat about her busy schedule. And she confirmed that there is more music to come. Gomez, says she wants to change the subject and get back in the party mood.

Does the new single suggest there’s more music coming? “This is accurate”she tells Fallon. “Finally.”

The singer’s last studio album was 2020’s Rare, which, like its two predecessors, reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

“I’m so used to writing sad girl songs”she tells Fallon, noting that the recording session is taking place in New York City. “But I’m ready to have fun and I think people will like it.”

In addition to the new musical project, Gomez also confirmed that filming for the third season of Only Murders will begin in January.

And he even took the opportunity to report his moment “Oh my God” when Meryl Streep came to say “Hi” and kiss your hand (“it was such a surreal moment”).

The artist spoke at length about her charity and advocacy work, and the purpose it gives her. “I know I will not stop this fight until my dying day. I think mental health is incredibly important and should be focused on.”

Selena Gomez talks about meeting Meryl Streep and teases new music | The Tonight Show (Media: Playback/Youtube)

Gomez stuck around to play a round of “Egg Roulette” with Fallon, a game in which host and guest take turns cracking eggs over their own heads without knowing which are hard-boiled and which are raw.

Egg Roulette with Selena Gomez | The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon (Media: Playback/Youtube)

If she was having flashbacks, the blame could be laid on playing “Hot Ones” with Fallon in 2019, an eating game, she says, that ended with her throwing up in her dressing room.

Featured photo: Selena Gomez. Playback/iheart

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