Simpsons predicts Twitter sale, mass layoffs

The Simpsons series is famous for “predicting” real situations in its episodes. Recently, Elon Musk published an image on his social networks stating that the animation was right again. The forecast of the moment was the purchase from twitter for the amount of US$ 44 billion, confirmed by the tycoon on October 27th.

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The Simpsons Predictions Are Often Right

In the photo of the episode published by Musk, Lisa Simpson, one of the main characters of the show, is standing in front of a birdhouse with the words “Home Tweet Home”.

Musk commented that the premonition was related to his purchase of Twitter, which happened seven years after the episode aired. After closing the deal, the billionaire became the owner of the social network and recalled the scene.

One critic commented on the networks that Musk’s post about that specific episode was not strange. This is because, according to him, the publication was more linked to a normal episode of simpsons which involves the participation of the entrepreneur.

The title of the episode makes it clear why this comment: “The Musk Who Fell to Earth”. It aired in January 2015 and is built around the main character, Homer Simpson, who together with Elon Musk devises a nuclear project in Springfield.

Criticism after the purchase of Twitter

After the acquisition of the social network, many people criticized the owner of Tesla, especially after he announced a possible Twitter 2.0. For many users, celebrities and politicians, he is going too far with his ambitions.

Musk’s last performance was in restoring former President Donald Trump’s account, which had been banned due to the turmoil on Capitol Hill. In addition to the purchase, the episode also predicted the massive layoffs that are taking place at the company.

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