Sticker album and World Cup are the most searched topics on Google in 2022

Internet search platform launches survey with the most relevant topics in research; Richarlison is the most sought after athlete in the last year, as well as the price of the Neymar sticker

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the fever of Qatar Cup Panini sticker album it’s the world were two of the most searched subjects in Brazil in 2022. According to a Google survey, released this week, the topics had a positive impact in the country, with data pointing to a record of searches in the national territory. The searches wanted to know how much the fan would spend to complete his collection and the value of the extra Neymar sticker, which was sold for R$9,000.

The World Cup, for example, reached a new peak of interest last week, showing the success of the competition on social networks and also on the internet. The volume of searches started to increase after the first game, between Qatar and Ecuador, on November 20; Iran and Serbia, teams involved in political and public manifestations, were among the most related to the search indexes.

The Moroccan national team, which achieved a historic feat by eliminating Spain and qualifying for the quarterfinals for the first time in its history, has also followed a trend in searches in recent days. In addition, all Brazilian states showed an interest greater than 50% of the volume of searches on the World Cup. Football remains high in the interest of Brazilians. Santa Catarina and Paraná were the ones that most searched, while Amapá was in the “lantern” of Google searches. In Brazil, the “World Cup” theme is second only to Google’s 2022 Elections.

richarlison, the team’s top scorer at the Qatar World Cup, was the most searched athlete on Google in 2022. With three goals, two of them in the first game against Serbia, the striker had a record search volume during the first week of the competition. Espírito Santo, the player’s home state, was where there was the highest rate of searches for the Tottenham star.

Before the start of the World Cup, another topic reverberated on the internet and in searches on the platform: the sticker album, with all the players and teams participating in the World Cup in Qatar. Launched by Panini in August, the collection became a rage among young people and adults. The question “how much does the World Cup album cost” was one of the most asked questions in the last year. Each envelope was offered for sale for R$4; in 2018, this value was BRL 2.50% lower. The searches wanted to know how much each would spend to fill the collection.

During the week of the 21st and 27th of August, the Google search platform recorded the highest volume of searches on the World Cup album. In Brazil, searches were concentrated in the South and Southeast regions. São Paulo led the surveys, followed by Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.

Price of World Cup stickers were among the most searched topics on Google in 2022.

Price of World Cup stickers were among the most searched topics on Google in 2022.

Photo: Taba Benedicto/Estadão / Estadão

Another survey related to the Cup and the album is the value of the Neymar sticker. In August, the Estadão informed that a special chrome of the striker of the Brazilian team was put up for sale for R$ 9 thousand. According to Panini, these special stickers were the rarest in the packs, being in 1% of the envelopes. On the other hand, they are not part of the collection itself, not having space to paste in the illustrated book. They are special items for collectors.

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