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Record shows this Saturday (03), from 23:30h, the film cornered (2002). In short, it is a crime and suspense film directed by Luis Mandoki. Meanwhile, production is by Mimi Polk Gitlin and Luis Mandoki, with a script by Greg Iles.

The production airs right after the reality show A Fazenda. Below, you can see the main details of the production that will air on Record.

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Synopsis of Cornered

Joe Hickey (Kevin Bacon) is a man who is apparently involved in the business of kidnapping the children of the rich for ransom with his wife Cheryl (Courtney Love) and cousin Marvin as his accomplices. Will Jennings (Stuart Townsend), the father/husband in a typical happy family, is a research physician who has just gotten his big career break by patenting a new anesthetic drug.

The mother/wife, Karen Jennings (Charlize Theron), is a housewife who used to be a nurse. The couple’s daughter Abby (Dakota Fanning) is kidnapped by Hickey and Marvin. Meanwhile, Cheryl holds Will at gunpoint and tells him of his daughter’s kidnapping after he is left outside a ceremony at which he is honored for his career.

The film then follows the tense situation experienced by the couple, separated by the bandits and kept in the dark while they wait for the outcome of their situation. It is later revealed that Cheryl and Joe kidnapped Abby as they believe Will killed their daughter Katie, who had a tumor.

Will says it was the surgeon who killed her, as he was unable to stop the bleeding during the operation. Cheryl says that Hickey won’t believe her if she tells him about it. The situation is compounded by Abby’s asthma.

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Cast: Charlize Theron is Karen Jennings, Courtney Love is Cheryl Hickey, Stuart Townsend is Dr. Will Jennings and Kevin Bacon is Joe Hickey. Dakota Fanning is Abby Jennings, Pruitt Taylor Vince is Marvin, Colleen Camp is Joan Evans, Steve Rankin is Hank Ferris and Gary Chalk is Agent Chalmers.

Other interesting subjects

Meanwhile, Jodie Markell is Mary McDill, Matt Koby is Peter McDill, Gerry Becker is Dr. Stein and Andrew Airlie is Holden. Randi Lynne is Hotel Operator and JB Bivens is Gray Davidson.

Cornered Trailer

Box office

In all, the film had a cost of US$ 30 million. Meanwhile, the film had a theatrical collection of $13,414.416 million.

What did critics think of Cornered?

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a 17% approval rating based on 58 critical reviews. According to the critical consensus, “With its plot of child abduction and the danger of extinction, Trapped is an exploratory thriller, more cloying than suspense.”

Where to watch?

The film is currently only available for rent, on the Apple TV platform, Google Play Movies & TV, and on YouTube.

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