“The Flash” is released early; when will the premiere be?

The film starring Ezra Miller “The Flash”, one of the most anticipated productions of the DC Extended Universe, had its early release by Warner Bros.

After the success of films like “Batman” and “Adam black” in 2022, which achieved good figures at the global box office, DC is looking for an even better 2023. “The Flash” is DC’s big hope for big gains.


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Until now, “The Flash” was slated for a June 23, 2023 release. With the change, DC’s fastest-growing superhero solo film will open on June 16, 2023, a week earlier.

With the change, “The Flash” will hit theaters at the same time as the Jennifer Lawrence comedy “No Hard Feelings” and also the long-awaited Pixar animation “Elements” (the Digital Look spoke with producer Denise Ream, during CCXP22).

The superhero movie has come a long way in the making. Even before all of actor Ezra Miller’s legal and personal problems took center stage, “The Flash” has struggled to develop since The CW developed a parallel series of the character in 2014.

Since it was announced, the Scarlet Speedster movie has gone through several writers, directors and release forecasts, until Andy Muschietti took over as director. It has since been revealed that the DC film will be a take on the iconic Flashpoint arc, which focuses on Barry Allen traveling through time to stop his mother’s death at the hands of the Reverse Flash, his archenemy.

In this arc, events lead to the death of Bruce Wayne and Martha Wayne taking on the role of the Joker, with Thomas Wayne becoming a highly lethal Batman. Despite the Flashpoint arc being well known to DC fans, nothing guarantees that the film will follow it faithfully (which usually does not happen in comic book adaptations).

So far, little is known about the mysterious plot of “The Flash”. During the DC FanDome 2021, many images from the film were displayed, referring to the classic narrative of the comic book arc. Michael Keaton’s Batman and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl should have prominent roles in “The Flash”.

With all the problems with the law involving the protagonist Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. Discovery even went so far as to consider canceling the film, which would have cost millions of dollars.

But the company is betting big on the film. According to Deadline, “The Flash” has performed excellently in audience tests, with sources even comparing the film’s level with that of “Spider-Man: Never Going Home”, Marvel’s most recent success.

Alongside “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” and “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom”, “The Flash” will be one of the biggest tests for the studio in 2023. The trio of features, alongside “Blue Beetle”, won an official poster during CCXP22 , are the latest DC movies created during DC’s previous leadership, which now has James Gunn as its new boss.

“The Flash” has sped up and will hit theaters on June 16, 2023.

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