The hit! Cup fans sing “Calm Down” by Selena Gomez and Rema!

There has to be demand, see?! The fans themselves Selena Gomez were surprised by the repercussions of “Calm Down”partnership between the singer and the Nigerian rapper rowat world Cup… In the same stadium that hosted the match between Brazil and South Korea in this Monday (5)the fans showed that the song is on people’s lips and that it is a hit!

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In the video circulating on social networks, you can see the Stadium 974 – Ras Abu Aboud, Doha, Qatar, vibrating just listening to the first chords of the song. With the stadium all lit up, the DJ still decided to give short breaks in the track, making the audience sing even louder. Does the FIFA should have included “Calm Down” in the official album of this edition of the championship?!


The partnership between the artists already accumulates over 208 million streams on Spotifyand currently occupies the 10th position on Billboard’s Global 200 chartaccording to the update of this Monday (5)🇧🇷

In another version of the same chart, which counts the numbers excluding the United States, “Calm Down” appears in position #5.

At the YouTubethe official music video for the song accounts 145 million views🇧🇷

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This year, the event that celebrates the anniversary of Gkay has shows from Anita🇧🇷 Ivete Sangalo🇧🇷 Pedro Sampaio🇧🇷 Pablo Vittar🇧🇷 Leo Santana🇧🇷 Luisa Sonza🇧🇷 Wesley Safadão🇧🇷 Matuê🇧🇷 It’s the tchan🇧🇷 Xand Plane and Simone Mendes🇧🇷 As OMG! you stay on top of the best moments of each presentation. In addition, you can check the transmission by Globoplay and Multishow Starting at 10 pm🇧🇷

Among the famous guests, we have: Bianca Andrade🇧🇷 kefera🇧🇷 Viih Tube🇧🇷 Eliezer🇧🇷 Jade Picon🇧🇷 Gabi Luthai🇧🇷 Gabriela Versiane🇧🇷 Gil do Vigor🇧🇷 Paulo Andre🇧🇷 Vanessa Lopes🇧🇷 lived🇧🇷 Julian🇧🇷 Lucas Maciel🇧🇷 Vitor Fernando🇧🇷 João Guilherme and much more! Won’t stay out, huh?

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