“This just got leaked in Qatar”; Last-minute bombshell about Neymar at Flamengo leaks and Braz’s plan is exposed


Shirt 10 of the Brazilian National Team never hid the affection he has for Mengão

- Neymar
🇧🇷 (Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty Images)– Neymar

O Flamengo it has always been a club that thought big, on and off the field. In 1995, nobody imagined that CRF would be able to bring Romário, at the time, the best player in the world. The scorer was convinced and landed in Rio de Janeiro for the party of the biggest crowd in the world. It is true that the star player did not win great titles of expression with the red-black shirt, but he scored many goals and left his mark on Mengão.

Over the last few years, other stars have worn Flamengo’s shirt, such as Adriano, Ronaldinho and Petkovic. For the future, many people have been debating the possibility of Neymar one day wearing the Sacred Mantle. The ace has also left the possibility in the air a few times and praised Nação a lot, which, according to him, is a very vibrant crowd in stadiums.

This Wednesday (7), the Fla Web portal brought an exclusive that is making people talk. According to the report, Marcos Braz, who is in Qatar to follow the World Cup, will take advantage of the moment to strengthen the relationship with people close to “Ney”, including the father and manager of the number 10 shirt. the scenario thinking about the near future and open the doors for the star when he decides to leave Europe.

🇧🇷The Fla Web report found that the Flemish vice president of football must have meetings with many businessmen and Neymar Pai is inclusive in that sense. There won’t be any kind of offer at the moment, but the top hat’s plan is to say once again that Flamengo is willing to offer a very big project when Neymar decides it’s time to return to Brazilian football🇧🇷 said an excerpt from the article🇧🇷

Hiring Neymar will not be easy, but Flamengo once again demonstrates its greatness by thinking about a deal of this level in the future. It is worth remembering that after the World Cup, is not guaranteed to permanence of the player at PSG. Today, Neymar earns around R$ 23 million per month in the French team.

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