This test reveals your TRUE level of focus and concentration

Through a test created by a team from Johns Hopkins University, in Boston (USA), researchers from the Science of Learning Institute ended up discovering that knowing what not to look for can be a differentiator between people.

According to the results of the study, when people have time to learn what they might overlook before starting, they are able to search faster and more efficiently.

The lead author of this research is named Corbin A. Cunningham, who states the following:

“Individuals who explicitly ignore distracting information improve their visual search performance, a critical skill for professional researchers such as radiologists and airport baggage inspectors.”

Furthermore, Corbin says that:

“This work has the potential to help occupations that rely on visual search, informing future training programs.”

Look for the ‘T’

If you are able to find the “T” in the picture, you may be someone who has above average ability to focus and concentrate.

This is a quick test of your actual ability to process information. It also analyzes how fast you are able to do this. But remember: no look among the red symbols.

Take the test and check your result.

If you were able to find the letter “T” in less than 10 seconds, you can now look for a society of the gifted!

If it took you a little longer, don’t worry. This is because, in no way, this test will be able to nullify your cognitive ability.

It is just a way of identifying the level of your ability to identify something, that is, your ability to concentrate on a task, your ability to focus on your goal.

Still, in case you didn’t make it, know that the test is, in fact, very difficult.

If you want to take a look at the result, the image is just below.


Are you sure you don’t want to try again?

Alright, so let’s go!

Check the answer in the image below:

Did you see? The intention is to demonstrate that even a very difficult problem has greater chances of being solved when those who seek to solve it have in mind what not to look for.

In this case, therefore, the red signs must be ignored, since the letter to be found is blue.

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