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Striker Gonçalo Ramos, from Benfica, became a starter for the Portuguese national team, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench, and scored a hat-trick against Switzerland in the 6-1 victory in the round of 16 of the World Cup. In celebration, the player made his traditional gesture, in which he forms a pistol using both hands.

In an interview with the club’s official platform “Benfica Play”, the 21-year-old striker told the origin of the celebration, which, in fact, has no symbology behind it.

“I’ve always scored a few goals and my father would tell me ‘Gonçalo, you have to find a celebration that identifies with you’. So, in a conversation with my colleagues before a game, we made the pistols and they said that if I scored a goal, I would the pistols. I scored, celebrated that way and since then it’s been that way”, he revealed.

When the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out earlier this year, the player temporarily retired the commemoration out of respect for Ukraine and Ukrainian teammate Roman Yaremchuk, who now plays for Club Brugge, in Belgium.

With the brilliance of Gonçalo Ramos, raised in Benfica’s youth system, Portugal dispatched the Swiss national team and will now face Morocco in the quarterfinals of the Cup. The match takes place this Saturday at 12 pm (from Brasilia).

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