What happened to the young woman who encouraged her boyfriend’s death

Michelle Carter encouraged her boyfriend’s death eight years ago and many question where she ended up after that

Last Sunday, the 10th, StarzPlay released the miniseries “The Girl From Plainville”, which tells how the teenager Michelle CarterInterpreted by Elle Fanning in the plot, made the boyfriend, Conrad Roy 🇧🇷Colton Ryan) committed suicide via SMS.

Eight years ago, the 18-year-old took his own life after being encouraged by Carter, who was just 17, via text messages. The case shocked the American population and gained great worldwide repercussions.

In the production created by Liz Hannah and Patrick Macmanusthe story is narrated in a fictional way and tells what happened in the years before the boy’s death, which occurred in 2014. The case had already inspired the documentary “I Love You, Now Die” (2019) and available on HBO Max.

With the success of the series bringing the situation back to the forefront, many began to wonder what happened to Michelle after the tragedy. At just 17 years old, the young woman dealt with the consequences of her actions.

A tragic love story

Carter and roy they met in 2012, while on vacation with their respective families in Florida, in the United States. They lived a few towns away and most of their relationship was via text messages and phone calls.

At the time, the two suffered from depression and the boy had already tried to take his own life on other occasions before the successful episode. These attempts were no secret to Michellewho listened to her boyfriend talk about his own problems.

After numerous exchanges of messages, as shown in the documentary ‘I Love You, Now Die’, conrad he wrote a message stating that he was going to commit suicide and his partner started to encourage him to complete the act that time. She would have even given instructions on how he could end his own life. On the day of his death, she sent:

You keep putting it off and you say you’re going to do it, but you never do. It will always be like this if you don’t act.”

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, in other messages, the teenager even wrote that ′′ you just need to do it ” and ′′ no more pushing, no more waiting “. ′′ If you want it as much as you say you want it, it’s time to do it today “, she said in an SMS.

The student Conrad Roy was found dead in his pickup truck on July 13, 2014 after committing suicide in Massachusetts, United States. And his death sparked an investigation when messages with his girlfriend were revealed. The documentary also shows that Conrad had spoken about taking his own life before, and not just when he was encouraged by Michelle.

Condemnation and present day

Michelle Carter on trial / Credit: Divulgation / Youtube / ABC News

Michelle was indicted and convicted of involuntary manslaughter. She was initially sentenced to two and a half years in prison, but had the sentence reduced to 15 months in prison and was released after serving only 11 months, as reported by Buzzfeed International in 2020.

“She attended programs, worked at the prison, was polite with our staff and volunteers, got along well with other inmates, and we had no discipline issues with her,” said Jonathan Darling. Jonathan Darlingspokesman for the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office, in a statement echoed by the vehicle.

The young woman was released from prison in January 2020 for good behavior and remains on parole until this year, meaning she is unlikely to leave the United States due to the conditions of her release.

Since being released from prison, Carternow 25 years old, has been avoiding public appearances, especially because he has become the protagonist of a series of productions that tell the story of the suicide of conrad eight years ago.

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