WhatsApp will prevent anyone from taking screenshots of chats

On Instagram, when opening a temporary chat, screenshots generate notifications in the chat itself. Although the mechanism does not prevent the print, it does make both aware of the registry. This can prevent conversation sharing, especially if it involves sensitive data such as addresses, documents, bank accounts and photos.

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Send single view files

Unlike temporary conversations, which is also an excellent tool to increase protection for certain activities, the mode of single view allows the person to view a photo or video in a restricted way. In this case, she receives a partially exposed document, which she can only open once, as it is then automatically deleted by the system.

How to send media more privately

1st step: open a WhatsApp conversation and click the ”clips” icon to send a file.

2nd step: select the image or video you want to forward and click on the number 1 in the bottom bar of ”Add a caption”.

3rd step: click the send button and that’s it, now the person will only be able to see the photo once.

Latest WhatsApp updates

A few weeks ago, the Whatsapp started rolling out an update that blocks screenshots on single view submissions. It is possible that not all users still have access, but soon the tool will be made official. When in doubt, check if there is any pending issue in your app store, trying to update to the latest version of the app.

Strengthen app data security

Preventing people from taking screenshots ensures that certain information is not leaked. Even so, be aware that any undue publication involving your data, without authorization, is subject to a police report. Therefore, be sure to report those who attack the digital well-being of others and make frequent threats.

There is still no mechanism to prevent the conversation itself from being printed, but you can use a photo as a background and write something on top of it.

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