Will Black Adam be in Suicide Squad 3? Understand

Black Adam includes several Suicide Squad connections, and may have established the team’s third film.

The two characters’ appearances paved the way for another big reveal, as Black Adam ended up being imprisoned in a newly revealed Task Force X prison under the Arctic. Only a small portion of the film’s ending takes place in this new location, but it may have established the story of Suicide Squad 3🇧🇷

Black Adam is far from the only powerful character from the DC Universe trapped there. His time at the base showcases countless other Task Force X prisoners. While it is only through Doctor Fate’s powers that Black Adam escapes, the moment is proof enough that these Task Force X prisoners could escape.

As highlighted by Screen Rant, this is the perfect story for James Gunn count on Suicide Squad 3 (or even in Amanda Waller’s series on HBO Max🇧🇷 Some of the more powerful prisoners could also break free, giving the Suicide Squad a job to clean up the mess.

Considering it’s a prison meant to house DC’s most dangerous villains, Suicide Squad 3 could utilize several deadly threats. The film may reveal that former Squadron members like Deadshot or Killer Croc are now being held there, while Deathstroke may also be one of the inmates.

the plot of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom it could even leave Black Manta under the control of Task Force X. The DC Extended Universe could even have Cheetah returning after the events of Wonder Woman 1984 and with his powers restored.

Clear, Suicide Squad 3 it could also use the prisoners of Task Force X to introduce a slew of new villains. Popular DC villains like Captain Cold, Clayface, Bane, Vandal Savage and the Reverse Flash could easily be in prison.

With black adam setting up the story Suicide Squad 3there is a chance that Dwayne Johnson appear in sequence. One of the original ideas for The Suicide Squad included Black Adam as a villain, but that was before James Gunn took over the franchise.

It’s clear that Amanda Waller sees Black Adam as a threat. This would allow for an appearance by the anti-hero in Suicide Squad 3 would be natural enough, especially if the team’s new formation is successful in capturing the escaped prisoners.

But what about you, what do you think of all this? Leave your opinions in the comments below!

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