Young man discovers basement with mysterious objects from the 19th century in his home

A young man took a little trip into the past when he discovered a secret cellar in his new home that kept relics dating back to the 19th century and other strange objects.

According to the New York Post, Luca Hillier had moved house, in Stafford (USA), and was exploring the different rooms, when he realized that there was something strange on the living room floor. Upon checking, he identified a hole in the floor.

With the help of a friend, he removed the wooden boards to find out what was under the house.

He and his friend shared the scene in a series of videos on TikTok, showing followers the property’s secrets.

The two boys took courage and went down the secret passage, which led to an old cellar. The abandoned space housed several glass bottles of alcoholic beverages with old labels, which showed that they were for whiskey and brandy, and indicated that they were from the 19th century.

The two friends were surprised after finding a container, from 1880, which bore the name of Francis Clarke, former mayor of the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. In the video, Luca Hillier shows that an inscription on the bottle says that there was a mixture with blood in it.

The two also found some boots in the abandoned basement and believe they may have belonged to the former owner of the property at that time.

In the pictures, the old cellar was also in a bad state, with a lot of dirt and signs that it was not well preserved. Even so, its structure apparently remains intact.

The adventure brought many reactions of surprise. “Please check that there are no human remains lying around,” said one user, concerned about a possible macabre past in the house.

One woman added: “I was worried you were going to find a skeleton in the shoes.”

A third said he would be excited in a similar situation: “This is pretty amazing. I would love to find something like that. Go through every little piece of paper and find something fantastic, enjoy.”

Some users stated that the bottles found could cost up to R$1,000 if they were put up for sale.

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