10 action movies on Netflix for those who like adrenaline moments

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Cinema plays with our emotions, whether it makes us laugh, cry or jump in our seats with some fright. However, action movies take our excitement to the extreme with their massive doses of adrenaline, which is always fun. Whether alone or with friends, we all love a good movie with explosions, punches and projectiles fired at high speed.

THE Netflix has a very interesting catalog with regard to this type of film, with original productions from the streaming and other outstanding classics of the genre. With that in mind, we have listed here 10 action movies to watch on Netflixfor your eyes to glaze over as the world explodes into thrilling scenes!

Top Gun: Aces Hunting (1986)

This year, we had a surprising success with the debut of Top Gun: Maverick, a film that rescues the classic from the 80s in a new guise. However, if you’ve never seen the original, you’ll find it perfectly in the action movies section of Netflixand you will certainly like to see tom cruise brand new giving deadly lows on a fighter jet.

In the plot, Lieutenant Pete Mitchell (codename Maverick) is a driver full of drive and rebelliousness. He is accepted into Top Gun, Miramar’s elite prep school, but soon needs to compete with Ice Man, a brilliant colleague and strategist. As he tries to prove his worth, Maverick will have to put aside his wild nature to learn to work as a team.

Akira (1988)

Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo – who is also the writer of the manga that gave rise to the plot -, Akira is a masterpiece of anime and should be seen by anyone who appreciates good stories set in dystopias cyberpunk🇧🇷 And even though it’s an animated film, it still has action scenes so raw and brutal that you would never imagine seeing in a movie. live action🇧🇷

The year is 2019. Thirty-one years after being destroyed in World War III, the city of Tokyo (renamed Neo-Tokyo) has been rebuilt and is now a metropolis full of advancements. here we know Shotaro Kanedathe leader of a biker gang, who needs to stop his friend, now transformed by a military project, from bringing more chaos and destruction.

Big Lead (2007)

Long before conquering the world with On the RunBritish filmmaker Edgar Wright was known for his films that mixed as many genres as possible, from horror to over-the-top comedy. A nice example of this is buckshotwhich plays with crime movie archetypes as it explores a city swept by a sinister cult.

In the plot, a decorated policeman lived by Simon Pegg is assigned to work in a small village in rural England. There, he ends up making new friends, while discovering a secret conspiracy that has claimed the lives of several residents – but if he’s not careful, he will be the next victim!

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

tom cruise returns in yet another recommendation from this list, this time in On the Edge of Tomorrowa 2014 action and science fiction film, which also features in its cast Emily Blunt🇧🇷 In the long doug limanwe have brilliant interconnected action scenes with a very intriguing concept: Cruise’s character gets to live the same day over and over again.

In the plot, a soldier named cage fights an alien race that threatens all life on Earth and in the universe. Not knowing how to use his gifts, he needs to enlist the help of Rita while discovering the mysteries of your enemies, all in a very fast and electrifying narrative, full of spectacular action scenes.

Two Nice Guys (2016)

Shane Black has already become well known for working well on the concept of buddy cop movie – those movies where we follow two heroes, usually police officers, as they go through their crazy adventures and discover the power of friendship. However, in Two Nice Guys he takes it to the tenth power with a freaky plot and a wonderful cast.

In Los Angeles, in the 70’s, the clumsy Holland March (played by Ryan Gosling) needs to join the tough guy Jackson Healy (lived by Russell Crowe), while investigating the mysterious disappearance of a young girl and the murder of a porn star. However, the pair still have no idea of ​​the scale of the danger that awaits them…

Zombie Invasion (2016)

In recent years, South Korean cinema has become a safe haven for all those who want to see original and innovative productions. Even stories that have already been told several times gain a new perspective, and this is the case with zombie invasionwhich brings us the classic story of the undead apocalypse, but with a revamped aesthetic.

Here, several people on a train heading to Busan end up becoming hostages when hordes of zombies appear in droves, killing and tearing everything in sight. While all this is happening, seok-woo must fight desperately to save his daughter’s life, Su-anand stay calm as you guide the passengers to freedom.

John Wick 2: A New Day to Kill (2017)

Who doesn’t like to see Keanu Reeves completely out of control, while fighting mobs of mercenaries and using all your skills as a professional assassin to save your own life? the saga of John Wick has yielded three films, with a new sequel, a spin off and a TV series on the way.

At Netflixyou can check John Wick 2: A New Day to Kill, which closely follows the events of the first film, as the legendary assassin is forced to pay off a debt from his past. The feature is even better than the first and highlights all the qualities of Chad Stahelski as one of the best action directors of our time.

Where is Monday? (2017)

If you love a movie girl powerdon’t forget to check Where is Monday?a 2017 feature directed by Tommy Wirkola and starring Noomi Rapace🇧🇷 Perfect for anyone who likes orphan blackthe film follows the story of seven identical twin sisters, who must hide their existence in a future threatened by overpopulation.

When one of these sisters mysteriously disappears, the others must follow her tracks to understand what is happening, while trying to flee from military forces and become involved in a diabolical ambush. If you like dystopian plots with a touch of paranoia and thrillerthis is a great request!

Rescue (2020)

Although he became known for his role as the Thor of Marvel Cinematic Universe🇧🇷 Chris Hemsworth has been looking for increasingly different and daring projects, and a good example of this is the insane Rescuewhich was released on Netflix two years ago and already has a sequel in production.

In the plot, tyler rake (Hemsworth) is a mercenary who works in the underground market and is hired to rescue Ovi Mahajan Jr., the son of a major Indian drug dealer. The feature features the involvement of Russian brothers (in Avengers: Infinity War) and is one of the biggest blockbusters on the streaming🇧🇷

RRR (2022)

Finally, we have an Indian film that has been getting a lot of attention this year, and which is a strong contender for the category of Best Foreign Film at the Oscars next year. RRR: Uprising, Rebellion, Revolution is a deliciously campy tale, full of majestic sequences and with an air of the fantastical that Hollywood could never emulate.

Although it is very fanciful and explosive, the film fictionalizes the lives of two important real leaders: Komaram Bheem and Alluri Sitarama Raju, who fought against British forces and their rule over India. The film is three hours long but every second is worth it – especially the scene where a character jumps out of a truck surrounded by wild animals.

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