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season 1 of Perfect choice: bumpers in Berlin just ended Peacock and fans are wondering if there will be more episodes. The story of Bumper Allen chasing his dreams is reminiscent of the inspirational journey the Barden Bellas go through in the film franchise.

While fans love the Pitch perfect franchise characters and main plot, many believe that the first film is the most fun. Fans took to Reddit to share their warm opinions on the three. Pitch perfect films. One Redditor also explained his hopes for a fourth film, if that happens.

The franchise resembles other young adult movies

The characters acting in Pitch Perfect 3

Pitch perfect it’s a film that will ease the nerves of starting college, as Beca Mitchell has a great experience when she starts attending Barden University. Fans feel that the films stand out from other young adult stories, as the characters love to sing. Redditor Chuybits shared the unpopular opinion that “the entire series was full of teen movie tropes and clichés”.

The general feeling is that Beca’s journey is relatable yet unique, as not everyone joins an a cappella group in college. It’s fun to watch Beca explore her talent, make new friends, and fall in love with her radio station buddy Jesse Swanson.

Pitch Perfect 2 has better songs

The Barden Bellas performing in Pitch Perfect 2

From Anna Kendrick singing using a plastic cup as a drum set to the epic mash-up finale “Don’t You Forget About Me/Give Me Everything”, the songs from the first Pitch perfect film are the most loved. Fans love to see Beca show everyone what she can do and this scene is one of the most memorable. She’s leaning into her talent and finding more confidence.

Redditor imaninJANINA likes the songs in perfect choice 2 and wrote: “I just loved the songs. I thought they were better than the first one.” Many fans prefer the first film to the sequel for many reasons, including the music.

Pitch Perfect 4 could be about Emily leading a new group

Emily Junk smiling in Pitch Perfect 3

Inside perfect pick 3, Emily Junk is the new leader of the Barden Bellas and wants Beca and the others to go back to school to meet with her. While this is a good way to ensure that the characters return to the franchise’s original setting, the film fails in some ways and doesn’t stand out enough.

if there is a perfect pick 4most would probably say they want to focus on Beca, Amy Hobart, and other popular characters. Redditor MonkCherry shared, “My unpopular opinion is that a fourth film should focus on Emily and the new Bellas. After the third movie, I’m kind of getting over the old Bellas.”

beca is hard to like

Beca Mitchell outside with headphones in Pitch Perfect

Pitch perfect is considered one of Anna Kendrick’s best films and her performance as the smart, relatable and sassy Beca is beloved. Beca is used to doing things alone and goes through a journey of bonding with the Bellas and learning to rely on them.

redditor nightfan sees this character differently and asked “Has there been another movie with such an unpleasant protagonist?” The fan wrote that Beca “really hasn’t changed much throughout the movie”.

Bellas are better than Treblemakers

Skylar Astin and Utkarsh Ambudkar in Pitch Perfect

The main battle in Pitch perfect stands between the Barden Bellas and the Barden Treblemakers. Bumper Allen is at the helm of The Treblemakers, the boy group who are overconfident and feel that of course they can win. It’s gratifying when Jesse comes up with the perfect song for the Bellas and they emerge victorious.

One Redditor shared “I keep seeing all these comments saying how the Treblemakers should have won”, but their unpopular opinion is that the Bellas are a more attractive performer. The fan wrote, “Actually, I thought the Bellas did a better mix of songs in the finals.”

Pitch Perfect 3 is Fun

The Barden Bellas walk up to the plane in Pitch Perfect 3

If sequels are typically less popular than the first film, the third entries definitely get a lot of flack. It can be difficult to make the third movies feel different from the others, and sometimes there just isn’t enough of a plot to keep the franchise going. Fans don’t like to watch perfect pick 3 as much as the others and find that some plot points are confusing.

Redditor Lemon_TBS_12 loves the third movie. The fan wrote, “I admit that I liked PP3 a lot. I loved the music and how it combined action with comedy and made it believable.”

Das Sound Machine must beat the Bellas

Flula Borg performing in Pitch Perfect 2 as part of Das Sound Machine

Pitch perfect it has great cover songs and part of the fun of watching all three films is seeing which song was included. Inside perfect choice 2the Bellas compete against Das Sound Machine in the A Cappella World Championship.

The audience should be rooting for the Bellas and expecting them to continue their winning streak. The group members clearly want to win, but that’s not the most important thing for them, as they also enjoy being together and expressing their love of music. One Redditor shared the unpopular opinion that “DSM should have beaten the Bellas at worlds”.

Singing looks lackluster after watching Glee

The Barden Bellas looking upset in Pitch Perfect 2

when the first Pitch perfect The movie was released in 2012, it felt fresh and watching the songs was impressive and fun. The story is a good reminder that people should be brave and go after their dreams. Redditor umlguru shared the unpopular opinion that singing isn’t as exciting anymore. The fan wrote: “The songs are fun, but more than 10 years of Happiness and singing competition shows have turned the world of competitive singing into an ‘uh, so what’.”

Many fans of the franchise are still thrilled with the Bellas’ performances and love to rewatch to see these great songs again. The characters put so much heart, soul and pleasure into each song that it’s hard not to feel that passion.

The sequel is better than the first

Rebel Wilson on stage singing in a scene from Pitch Perfect 2.

perfect choice 2 it’s definitely a sequel that works as a standalone film in that it’s easy to figure out what’s going on. But while the second film continues the story of the first and sees the Bellas hard at work once again, many fans prefer the first film. Redditor Josephalopod feels differently and responded in a thread about which movie is better, writing, “perfect choice 2 absolutely. DSM rules!”

when comparing Pitch perfect and perfect choice 2, it is more common to like the original more. The first movie shows Beca joining the Bellas and everyone working together as a team. The music is catchy, the teamwork is motivating, and there are some heartwarming friendships and romantic moments.

The perfect choice is a “guilty pleasure” movie

Gown standing in the crowd smiling and holding hands in Pitch Perfect

Pitch perfect it’s a favorite feel-good movie and many will happily proclaim their love for it. The fact that there is now a TV spin-off speaks to its popularity. Redditor VisionaryPrism wrote in a thread “It’s my guilty pleasure,” which isn’t how everyone sees the franchise.

While some comedies can be placed in the guilty pleasure category, the Pitch perfect franchise has some compelling and important messages. Characters seek to be themselves at all times, even if they wonder if they can’t win a competition, and learn to relate better and help each other get what they want.

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