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Romantic comedies typically dominate the box office in February, with everyone flocking to theaters with their loved ones to celebrate Valentine’s Day. While that’s great, it often leaves rom-com fans with nothing new to watch for the rest of the year.

Hallmark and Lifetime may have covered the Christmas romance movie market, but rom-com fans still want comedy in their movies. However, rom-com fans needn’t wallow too much because there are actually a surprising amount of rom-com Christmas movies out there. In fact, even some of the best Christmas classics are akin to romantic comedies, if you look hard enough.

Netflix is ​​once again catering to romantic comedy fans this holiday season, with several new rom-coms released on the streaming service. They started with Falling for Christmas and released two more Christmas movies in November, with more titles coming in December. Thankfully, there are tons of other holiday rom-coms streaming for fans who don’t want to wait that long.

Single to the End (2021)

Stream on Netflix

Two lovers embracing in Single All The Way

Netflix’s first gay Christmas movie, single until the end, follows Peter and his best friend, Nick, as they visit Peter’s family for the holidays. Though originally planned to pretend to be sweethearts, Peter becomes involved in a courtship with a local his mother set him up with, while Nick discovers his true feelings for Peter.

single until the end hits all the best rom-com tropes. There’s miscommunication, bad timing, and a handful of love confessions. It also pulls off one of the cutest romantic gestures ever, when Nick finds a clever way to show Peter just how serious he is about him.

Falling in Love with Christmas (2022)

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Sierra and Jake at North Star Lodge, the location of Jake's lodge in Netflix's Falling For Christmas

Lindsey Lohan makes her triumphant return to film alongside Chord Overstreet in Netflix’s first Christmas movie of 2022. After a skiing accident leaves her with amnesia, a hotel heiress finds herself living with the owner of a small inn as she tries to remember who she is.

falling for christmas it’s the perfect balance between Christmas cheesiness and rom-com glee. It really fulfills the amnesia trope and also features the appearance of an actual Santa with some impactful Santa magic.

Love Much (2021)

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tough love kicked off Netflix’s 2021 holiday season. After expanding her dating app radius, Natalie hits it off with Josh. So much so that she decides to pack her bags and surprise him at his house for Christmas. But when she gets there, she discovers that she has been fished out.

While catfishing is by no means romantic, tough love can make it work. The slow personal romance between Natalie and Josh hits all of the rom-com’s key emotional moments, culminating in a sweet grand gesture at the end.

The Princess Exchange (2018)

Stream on Netflix

Stacy and Margaret looking in the mirror looking shocked in The Princess Switch.

the princess changes centers on a duchess and an ordinary baker who decide to switch places when they realize they look exactly alike. Sure, its new environments spark sparks in the romance department.

Although it’s a Netflix holiday movie, the princess changes it could be a Hallmark with the royal and baking components brought together. Regardless, it’s a sweet rom-com that wraps around two heartwarming romances that are sure to make all rom-com fans satisfied.

Vacation (2021)

Stream on Netflix

Emma Roberts as Sloane and Luke Bracey as Jackson in Holiday

Tired of being the only single woman at her family’s holiday gatherings, Sloane decides to take a page out of her crazy aunt’s book and find someone to be her holiday date. Fate aligns when she runs into Jackson at the mall the day after Christmas and the two decide to make each other’s holiday for the year.

While vacation doesn’t just cover Christmas, but starts and ends in the holiday season. It’s also a very cute and sometimes frustrating rom-com, as both Sloane and Jackson play up the beloved rom-com trope of miscommunication.

Santa Claus 2 (2002)

Stream on Disney+

Scott talks to his potential wife at the North Pole in The Santa Clause 2

Launched in 2002, Santa Claus 2 was the long-awaited sequel to the 1994 Christmas movie starring Tim Allen. This time, Scott Calvin finds his status as Santa Claus in jeopardy because he’s single. In addition to having to find a Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, Scott must also leave the North Pole to deal with his son Charlie, who is going through his rebellious teenage phase.

While Santa Claus 2 It might seem like another family Christmas movie, but it’s actually a romantic comedy in disguise. At the beginning of the film, Scott and his love interest Carol are sworn enemies, but little by little Scott manages to win her over, one grand gesture at a time.

True Love (2003)

Stream on Peacock

Notecard Scene in Love Actually (2003)

love in truth follows nine different stories as its cast works through their various love lives. From rockstars and prime ministers to widows and best friends who end up falling in love with their best friend’s wife, love in truth it has a bit of everything, not to mention one of the most iconic and cheesy romantic gestures in any film.

love in truth it may have a little more drama than rom-com fans are used to, but there are definitely a lot of laughs in this Christmas classic.

Elf (2003)

Stream on HBO Max

Will Ferrell and Zoeey Deschenel in Elf (2003)

Arguably one of the most iconic characters in Will Ferrell’s cinema, Elf follows Buddy the Elf as he leaves the North Pole for New York City in hopes of reconnecting with his birth father (who is unaware he exists). Along the way, Buddy learns a thing or two about the “real world” while also spreading Christmas cheer wherever he wants to go.

Elf might not always be considered a romantic comedy, but it really is. After all, there’s an awkward first date, a cute first date montage, a romantic duet, and even a grand romantic gesture as Jovi overcomes her fear of singing in public to spread Christmas cheer.

The Vacation (2006)

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Kate Winslet and Jack Black in The Holiday (2006)

the holiday centers on two women from two different worlds who decide to trade places on vacation. Iris (Kate Winslet) is a British columnist in love with a man who is engaged to someone else (but who continually cheats on her). Meanwhile, in California, Amanda (Cameron Diaz) breaks up with her boyfriend and he admits he cheated on her.

It seems hard to believe that romantic comedy fans would ignore the holiday during the month of December, considering the movie is literally titled “the holiday“, but happens.

The Perfect Vacation (2007)

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Gabrielle Union in The Perfect Vacation (2007)

Launched in 2007, the perfect vacation stars Gabrielle Union as Nancy, a single mother of three girls who hasn’t had a date over the holidays in several years. Determined to make her mother happy, Nancy’s youngest daughter calls in a favor from department store Santa, aka Benjamin (Morris Chestnut). What starts out as an innocent compliment turns into an epic romance for Nancy and Benjamin.

Romantic comedy fans will love it. the perfect vacation because it’s all about romance. In fact, it includes all the best tropes that everyone loves and even has a plot twist that puts a twist on things.

A Christmas Prince (2017)

Stream on Netflix

Netflix's Christmas Prince

Netflix has even joined the Christmas movie craze in recent years and has released some amazing movies that romantic comedy fans will fall in love with. One of the most popular Christmas movies on Netflix is The Prince of Christmas.

Released in 2017, the film follows Amber (Rose McIver), a young journalist who is given the assignment of a lifetime when she is asked to dig up dirt on Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), the future king of Aldovia. However, Amber eventually discovers that Prince Richard is not the playboy the media thinks he is, and she makes it her own. mission to write an article about the real man.

The Christmas Contract (2018)

Available for rent on Prime Video

Hilarie Burton and Robert Buckley in The Christmas Contract (2018)

Lifetime may be known for their romantic Christmas dramas, but that doesn’t mean they don’t dabble in romantic comedies from time to time — even if that’s not the intention.

the christmas contract brings together some familiar faces from the iconic teen show One Tree Hill to tell their epic Christmas story. Jolie (Hilarie Burton) could think of a million and one places she’d rather be than her hometown on vacation after a breakup, but that’s where she ends up. To make matters worse, she ends up reuniting with her high school ex-boyfriend, Jack (Robert Buckley).

Last Christmas (2019)

Stream on Hulu

Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke in Christmas Past

Launched in 2019, Last Christmas takes inspiration from the iconic Christmas carol to tell a heartwarming Christmas story. The film follows Kate (Emilia Clarke), a young woman whose life seems to be getting worse and worse. The only thing that seems to be working for her is her unlikely friendship with Tom (Henry Golding), a man she randomly bumps into while working.

Romantic comedy fans will appreciate Kate and Tom’s sweet relationship, which starts with them randomly running into each other on the streets and evolves into them spending the night together and, of course, a grand romantic gesture every now and then. Fans will be so consumed by the romance that they won’t see the plot twist.

A Christmas Christmas Movie (2019)

Stream on Hulu

A Christmas Movie Christmas (2019) original cast

considering A Christmas Christmas movie aired on UPtv, there’s a strong possibility that romantic comedy fans, and movie fans in general, have never heard of it. But this is definitely a movie that romantic comedy fans should check out.

A Christmas Christmas movie follows two sisters who have different opinions about the cheesiness of Christmas movies. That would be fine, except for the fact that these two sisters find themselves in their own Christmas movie when they wake up. As expected, the movie is hyper-aware of all the Christmas movie tropes and even pokes fun at them, leading to some great comedy moments.

Happiest Season (2020)

Stream on Hulu

Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis in Happiest Season

happiest season it may have been out less than a month ago, but it certainly made an impact with Christmas movie fans, and will soon make a big impact on romantic comedy fans. Kristen Stewart plays Abby, a young woman who believes she has found “the one” and is ready to propose. The only problem is that Harper hasn’t come out to her family, which is bad considering Abby was planning to propose to her on Christmas with her family’s gift.

While there are some dramatic moments in happiest season, there’s also a bit of romantic comedy that fans will enjoy. From witty dialogue to an eccentric sister character, happiest season worth the stream.

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