25 Timeless Boy Names You Can Give Your Son

Choosing a child’s name is definitely not an easy task, as this is something that will to influence the child’s life forever. Therefore, in order to help you with this task, in today’s article, we are going to share a list of 25 boy names that are considered timeless and popular around the world, carrying with them a meaning. historic and an elegant air.

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25 Timeless and Popular Boy Names Around the World

Check out now the 25 most popular boy names with their respective meanings:

  1. Atlas: such name is a reference to the name “Adam” and means “bearers of heaven”;
  2. Asher: of Hebrew origin, Asher means “blessed by God”;
  3. Arthur: in addition to having the word “bear” as its main meaning, Arthur was a very frequent name at the time of the ancient gentlemen;
  4. Ambrose: with Latin origin, this name means “that which is immortal”;
  5. Aurelius: it refers to an ancient Roman emperor and means “something made of gold”;
  6. Anderson: of Greek origin, the name Anderson refers to a manly man;
  7. Adam: of biblical origin, this vocative means “son of the earth”;
  8. Abraham: of Hebrew origin, this name means father of multitudes;
  9. Alberto: of French origin, Alberto refers to a person who is considered noble and brilliant;
  10. Alexander: such name is a reference to the great warrior Alexander and means “defender of men”;
  11. Alistair: being a variant of the name Alexander, such name means “the one who defends humanity”;
  12. Alvin: of English origin, the name Alvin refers to an old friend;
  13. Amos: of Hebrew origin, it means “carrying”;
  14. Bennet: of Latin origin, its main meaning is “a blessed being”;
  15. Barney: of English origin, meaning “as strong as a bear”;
  16. Baylen: of French origin, such a name is considered unique. In addition, it has the meaning “burned hair”;
  17. Baxter: of English origin, it means “baker”;
  18. Benedict: also of English and Dutch origin, this name is a popular Christian name meaning “blessed”;
  19. Bernardo: of Germanic origin, this name means “as brave as a bear”;
  20. Bradley: of English origin, this name means “wide wood”;
  21. Bell: of French origin, such a name refers to something beautiful;
  22. Bruno: of German origin, this name means “brown”;
  23. Cassio: of Latin origin, this name means “empty”;
  24. Ciro: of Iranian origin, this name means something young;
  25. Carter: this is considered an occupational name and means carrier of goods.

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