5 signs that someone blocked you on Instagram; do the test!

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If you’ve had a fight with someone recently and you’re wondering if they’ve blocked you on Instagram, this article will be perfect for you.

In addition to a fight, a number of other factors can also get you blocked, such as inappropriate comments, tagging irrelevant posts, or constantly sending messages. Therefore, throughout this content, you will see some methods that show someone blocked you on Instagram🇧🇷

5 tips to check if someone blocked you on Instagram

Search by person’s username

This is the easiest way to tell if someone has blocked you, because if you search for the person’s username in the Instagram search bar and don’t find their account, it’s because you’re blocked. If you are not, you will find the account when you search, and you can view the person’s posts or, in the case of a private account, you will see “This account is private”.

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Search if the person appears on your Instagram

Go to your publications or the “Following” option on your Instagram and look for the person’s profile. If you are blocked, you will not be able to find her profile or be able to comment on any posts she has.

Also, if you’ve already had a conversation with the contact or commented on a post a while ago, try looking for those messages and comments. So if you click on them, try to view that profile, and it says there are no recent posts, you’ve probably been blocked.

Look at group chats on Instagram

In your Direct, if you are in a group with the person you want to find out if they blocked you or not, try to enter this chat and click on the person’s profile, as it will appear in the list of group members. However, if you can’t access her profile, it’s because she blocked you.

Try following the account again

If the person you’re looking for appears without recent posts and photos, try following them again. That way, if an error message pops up saying you can’t follow them again, they’ve indeed blocked you.

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Try mentioning or tagging the Instagram account

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you can’t mention or tag them in posts or comments. Therefore, this method also works to find out if someone has blocked you. However, if the person has a locked account, the same thing will happen. So, after taking this test, try searching for that person’s profile to check what really happened.

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