Addicted to Body Changes, ‘Black Alien’ Can’t Get a Job

French based in Guadalajara, Mexico, the self-styled “black alien” recently told the Mexican podcast Club 113 that he cannot find a formal job due to the judgment of the contractors. In October, during an interview with the Mexican newspaper El Universal, he urged people to “open your mind a little more to accept everybody.”

“I can’t find a job. There’s too much negative stuff [sobre as modificações no corpo]🇧🇷 It can be positive because you feel better, but you have to know that there is also a dark side,” said Anthony Lofredo, 33, who says he still likes art, design and painting. Currently, he works sporadically as a tattoo artist.

The black alien says he has already lost count of the number of modifications he has already made, but, in his head alone, he says he has 40 implants.

The extravagances also include a forked tongue, dentures and tattooed eyes, as well as removal of ears, nose and two fingers. He said he also had future plans to remove his nipples and amputate his leg.

At Club 113, the man revealed that he started the changes about seven years ago, but it was in the last four that his addiction made them intensify. On his Twitter profile, he wrote that the transformations were 46% complete, as what he calls black evolution would be at 9%.

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