Alert! This is why you never recharge your cell phone in the car; caution

The cell phone is ingrained in the culture and daily life of practically everyone. Today, the device concentrates important information about work, personal life and even carrying documents and “money” within applications. Therefore, running out of battery is increasingly a suffocating situation. Many people use to charge their cell phone in the car, but this can also pose some risks.

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In the rush of everyday life, sometimes the only way to keep your cell phone active is to charge it in the car while you’re on the go. The problem is that there is an alert that should be given to all people who do this routinely. Understand better below.

Why is it dangerous to charge your cell phone in the car?

First, understand that charging your cell phone in the car means that you use the vehicle’s battery as a source of energy for your smartphone. The problem with this, according to some technology experts, is that the device can end up being damaged over time.

What happens is that the entries usb of automobiles – where loading is carried out, are not designed for this purpose. This means that they do not transmit energy in the same way that the charger would receive it if it was connected to a residential socket, for example.

Even the USB ports cannot provide the amount of energy that most new cell phones need to receive. Therefore, charging your cell phone in the car may not be a good idea and its battery may be compromised.

Over time, the habit of to charge the cell phone in the car can deteriorate and compromise the proper functioning of the mobile device itself. The cell phone can end up overheating and lose the efficiency it had until then.

The best thing to do is use a power bank or charge the device in the conventional way, using standard 110 Volts or even 220 Volts.

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