Alexandra Daddario bets on a gothic look and rocks the red carpet

This Wednesday (7)in Los Angelesus United StatesAmerican actress Alexandra Daddario rocked the red carpet at the premiere of “Mayfair Witches“, new thriller series from the television channel AMC🇧🇷

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The production is an adaptation of the trilogy “The Lives of the Mayfair Witches”in Anne Rice, and features Alexandra as the protagonist. In the story, she discovers that she is heiress to a family of witches and must deal with a sinister presence that has haunted her family for years. The work opens on the day January 8, 2023🇧🇷

To match the dark atmosphere of the series, Alexandra chose a dark gothic look to attend the premiere. And she stole the show! The actress was wearing a long black and gold lace dress from the French fashion house. dior and a glittering choker as an accessory.

The make-up also had an overproduction: the burgundy lipstick was so dark that in the lighting of the red carpet it even looked black. Gothic yes, wonderful too.

See photos of Alexandra Daddario’s look:

Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario wore a dress by the luxury brand Dior (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

Alexandra Daddario

The lipstick was the highlight of the actress’ make-up (Photo: Reproduction/Getty Images)

And of course, Daddario published some clicks of the exuberant look on his social networks. In the comments, followers filled the actress with praise.

“The most beautiful woman there is”melted a fan.

“You look awesome”said another.

“Fantastic”wrote a third.

For Alexandra Daddario, it’s already routine to rock the red carpet of events. Check out other clicks of the actress being stunning at awards – but with those mesmerizing blue eyes, it’s easy, right?

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