Android will keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections turned on even in airplane mode

O android will start to maintain the connections of WiFi and bluetooth on even when the user activates airplane mode. This is not enabled by default at first and the setting turns off all connectivity options. However, the system will be able to remember if the user changes any of these alternatives within Google’s operating system.

This means that, unlike years ago, the smartphone can be used without problems during the flight, since the mode activates the device’s radio waves. There are even airlines that offer Wi-Fi networks and it is certainly a nuisance to lose connection with your headphones when traveling.

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This was even the reason that made Google allow Bluetooth to continue working after activating airplane mode. Now, this possibility will also be valid for Wi-Fi and should allow users to remain connected during their trips even after activating this setting.

The activation process, in short, is quite simple and can be done in two ways. One is to go into the operating system settings and look for the section referring to airplane mode. However, owners of Android devices can also opt for the shortcuts available in the so-called ‘Quick Settings’.

The ways to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth follow the same steps and that’s basically all you need to do. With this, Android itself will memorize these options and when you activate airplane mode again, it will no longer be necessary to go through these steps, something that should make life a little easier for anyone who travels by plane frequently.

However, even these conditions are not the best to make your smartphone run certain risks…

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