Apple may launch MacBook with foldable screen in 2027

Apple should not stay out of the trend of mobile phones and notebooks with folding screens for a long time. While rumors already indicate that the iPad should gain an OLED panel in the coming years (but keeping the screen rigid), leaks anticipate the debut of an iPhone that opens and closes in the next three years and, soon after, the company can launch its MacBook with malleable inner screen.

Information obtained by The Elec indicate that, for the flex-bezel MacBook, Apple may utilize a 20-inch OLED display when fully unfolded.

This would result in a product that measures 15.3 inches when closed. For comparison, the 13.6-inch MacBook Air (M2) is 11.9 inches wide, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro is 12.3 inches wide.

The product launch was expected in 2026, but sources now point to its arrival in 2027. The first iPad with an OLED panel is expected to debut in 2024, while the first foldable iPhone would arrive in 2025.

While no design details and finish information are available, we expect a refined product with metal construction similar to current MacBooks.

For Apple to have the confidence to launch a product with a flexible display, it is possible that the company is developing a structure that is more resistant than plastic or ultra thin glass (UTG) to reduce the current problems — in particular the great fragility related to scratches and scratches and the limitation of use in periods of severe cold that prevents the opening and closing of the screen.

Gradually Apple surrenders to OLED

Currently the only Apple products with an OLED technology screen are the iPhone and the Apple Watch. Cell phones received the display of organic light emitting diodes in 2017 with the arrival of the iPhone X, while the smart watch has used the panel since its first generation in 2015.

Looking ahead, we expect Apple to bring OLED to the 11″ and 12.9″ iPad Pro in 2024. The display will be twice as bright and four times as durable as current solutions, avoiding nuisances like burn-in (burned pixels after long years of use).

The following year, in 2025, we expect Apple to finally debut in the foldable cell phone segment with an iPhone with a flexible screen to compete against options from Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands. Little is known about the device.

Finally, the first MacBook with an OLED screen and an edge-to-edge flexible display would debut in 2026 or 2027. We can expect other Apple products—such as an eventual successor to the Pro Display XDR or a high-performance iMac — also adopt OLED technology screen for greater color accuracy.

Source: TheElec

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