as a Brazilian, he watched 11 World Cup games without paying, visited all the stadiums in Qatar and even ate in the VIP area

One fan managed to watch 11 games of the World Cup in Qatar without spending a penny. And he is Brazilian.

THE world Cup it is an event that takes place every four years, and watching a match is expensive. O qatar no exception to the rule of high ticket prices, with money changers charging at least R$ 1,000 for a ticket. One fan, however, managed to watch 11 games without spending a penny. And he is Brazilian.

The group stage of 2022 World Cup came to an end last Friday (2). A total of 48 matches were played, from November 20th, the opening date, to December 2nd, when BrazilCameroon, Switzerland and Serbia played the last games of the night in group G.

In the middle of that, a Brazilian. He, who asked not to be identified, sought the report after the first game of the Cupbetween Qatar and Ecuador, to tell that he had entered without paying. ESPN then double-checked everything, attested to the veracity of the story, and reported it.🇧🇷 After that, he started to follow the case. Or rather, the fan’s journey.

In addition to watching 11 World Cup games for free, he also got to know the eight stadiums in Qatar: Al Bayt, Al Thumama, Lusail, Al Janoub, 974, Khalifa International, Ahmad bin Ali and Education City.

With each invasion, the Brazilian reported to the reporter how he had done it. And he sent pictures of the match to prove it. A journey that lasted 12 days, because the fan had to go home at the end of the group stage. lacked funds – even having seen everything for free – to stay until the end.

THE ESPN contacted the organization of the World Cup in Qatar and with FIFA, but did not receive a response until the publication of this report. The text will be updated if any feedback is given.

See, below, how the “penetra” managed to get into the matches:

Qatar 0 x 2 Ecuador

20/11 | Al Bayt Stadium

As? She asked for entry to a man who was leaving the stadium with the excuse that he wanted to keep it as a souvenir. He passed through the stadium’s first barrier with that used ticket. “I put the crazy and entered”, said. He went to the second scanner area, where he was stopped. He was directed to try to resolve the issue in the ticket center, where he was able to “roll” an employee🇧🇷 Won a category ticket replacement (replacement), completed by hand. “I begged so much that I managed to convince”, said. The new entry was accepted at the gate, and the Brazilian managed to attend the opening for free.

Senegal 0 x 2 Netherlands

21/11 | Al Thumama Stadium

As? He was advised by a friend who had bought a ticket that security was only looking at the Hayya Card (mandatory document for entering Qatar) at the first barrier and that, at the second stop, they were not even checking the ticket. “I ran, went through the exact gate they told me about and went in. I put the cell phone to my ear as if I was talking to someone and I simply logged in without input”said.

Argentina 1 x 2 Saudi Arabia

22/11 | Lusail Stadium

As? “(The employee) asked for my ticket, but I went crazy, accelerating. And I entered”, said. He used the same strategy as Senegal 0 x 2 Netherlands, showing only the Hayya Card🇧🇷 But he couldn’t find a looser gate like in the previous game. He walked until he found a group of ten people, all with a special badge that allowed access through a side door. He got in the middle and passed. “I went with them. They went to the right, and I, to the left. I took a ladder and watched the game”he explained.

France 4 x 1 Australia

22/11 | Al Janoub Stadium

As? Encountered difficulty getting through the first scanner without a ticket. On the fifth attempt, he managed to use only the document for tourists to access. “In there, it was f***. Couldn’t get through,” she recalled. She was almost giving up. But she noticed some French people talking to an employee who was in front of a door. “They kind of pushed, when they got it, he got like 15 fans around and drove the horse crazy. I went in the middle and enteredsaid.

Brazil 2 x 0 Serbia

24/11 | Lusail Stadium (Hospitality Sector, the VIP area)

As? Perhaps the most unbelievable story. He said that security started to look better at tickets before the first blockade. The strategy of using only the Hayya Card it didn’t work anymore. But this time, some of the Brazilian’s friends had tickets to watch the game in the stadium’s VIP area. Passed through the first scanner with the help of colleagues: “They had a party with the security. In this, I passed without them checking if I had a ticket”🇧🇷 When entering, inside the Hospitality (VIP area), passed along with the friend who had a ticket through the turnstile. He even watched Brazil’s debut in the padded chairs, right in the center of the field, got luxurious gifts and even got a free dinner after the 2-0 victory over Serbia: “I even ate dessert”joked.

Brazil 1 x 0 Switzerland

28/11 | stadium 974

As? He began to use a strategy that would work until the end of the journey. Two friends of the Brazilian had tickets for the match. He and another colleague, no. Those without a ticket took a very clear photo of the pass of those who did: “This passed the scanner at the first barrier”, he said. At the turnstile for the second part, just to enter, a colleague passed again with just the photo, that is, without carrying the real ticket. The Brazilian, who had the original on his cell phone, ended up being barred. With that, he had to go to the stadium’s troubleshooting center. There, explained that he could not access it due to some failure in the system and presented all the documents to prove that the ticket was real: “After a minute, they gave me a replacement. And with it I already entered”said.

Ecuador 1 x 2 Senegal

29/11 | Khalifa International Stadium

As? He used the same scheme as Brazil 1 x 0 Switzerland, with the clear photo of real ticket🇧🇷 He went straight through the first barrier this time without having to present anything to the security guard. In the second, again: “I passed with the photo, and my friend, who had the original, complained and soon went in too.”

Australia 1-0 Denmark

11/30 | Al Janoub Stadium

As? She arrived in the nick of time. A friend passed by carrying his cell phone with the original ticket and soon handed the device to the Brazilian, who had to queue at the ticket resolution center. “I went back to the turnstile and asked to call the supervisor, who listened to my explanation and let me in”said.

Croatia 0-0 Belgium

1st/12 | Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

As? This time, he went to the game alone. But he found another Brazilian at the stadium and explained the scheme. She entered with him at the first entrance and, at the second, took the new friend’s physical ticket: “He came in and gave it to me”said. “Then I decided with his ticket and mine Hayya Card and rolled again.”

South Korea 2 x 1 Portugal

02/12 | Education City Stadium

As? Again with Brazil 1 x 0 Switzerland. At the first barrier, “he passed through the middle of the crowd”. In the second, the last before accessing the stadium, used the photo of the original ticket. Entered again without paying.

Cameroon 1 x 0 Brazil

02/12 | Lusail Stadium

As? And on last “invasion” before returning home, he repeated the feat and watched the Brazilian team lose to Cameroon. In total, there were 11 games without paying.

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