Bolsonaro’s leader and governing parties helped to approve Lula’s PEC – 12/08/2022

Bolsonaro’s omission gave Lula the opportunity to impose a legislative defeat on his predecessor before taking office. The adherence of part of Bolsonarism to the Transition PEC gave Lula’s victory in the Senate an appearance of a rout. Transition operators estimated that up to 55 senators would approve the constitutional amendment. The scoreboard registered 64 votes in favour. Of this total, 11% came from Bolsonarist groups: three from the PL, three from the PP and one from the PTB. (see how senators voted).

Even Senator Eduardo Gomes, Bolsonaro’s leader in Congress, affiliated with the PL, the president’s party, said “yes” to the PEC that granted Lula R$ 168 billion to redeem campaign promises and make investments. Adding to other trinkets included in the text —such as permission to use forgotten amounts in PIS-Pasep accounts— the figure excluded from the spending ceiling exceeds R$ 200 billion. Not even the most optimistic transition operators could have imagined such a success.

Present at the session, the firstborn Flávio Bolsonaro went to the microphone to advise against the approval of the PEC. He predicted the amendment would bring more inflation, in a “fast-paced race to impoverish the poorest.” He assessed that approval would be “a shot in the foot of Congress”. Referring to the expiration date of the license granted to Lula to spend, Bolsonaro’s son declared that “the PEC is turning Congress into something disposable for two years.”

Flávio Bolsonaro lacked a sense of opportunity and a sense of ridicule. The son of a president who blew the spending ceiling five times and bought congressmen with the secret budget didn’t have much to say about fiscal responsibility and the appreciation of the Legislature. Flávio forgot to remember —or remembered to forget— that articles that help pay the bills for the ruin produced by Bolsonaro were included in Lula’s PEC. Zero One preferred to demonstrate with words the hollowness of its disconnected reasoning. He added vexation to a melancholy epilogue.

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