Botafogo and Vasco do not give up the equal division of the Carioca broadcasting rights, and Ferj cancels the meeting

THE Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Ferj) decided to cancel the meeting that was scheduled for this Thursday (8/12), at 11 am, at the entity’s headquarters, for a new round of negotiations about the division of the broadcasting rights of Carioca Championship 2023, informs the blog “Panorama Esportivo”, from the newspaper “O Globo”.

The cancellation took place after Botafogothrough the director general of the SAF, Thairo Arrudait’s the Basquethrough the legal director Gisele Cabreramaintain the position, in a message in a WhatsApp group, of not opening dialogue if there is no equal division🇧🇷

According to reporter João Pedro Fragoso, from the newspaper “O Globo”, the Flamengo did not accept the request of rivals. The Federation, in turn, would have leaned towards the red-black side, stating – also in the WhatsApp group – that it will adopt “whatever is best for the majority”🇧🇷 Small clubs are signatories. O Fluminensein turn, did not agree with the proposed terms.

Source: FogãoNET newsroom, Panorama Esportivo (O Globo) and journalist João Pedro Fragoso’s Twitter (O Globo)

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