Brazilian and boyfriend arrested with 600 kg of cocaine

Spanish drug lord Carlos García Morales, 46, known as “El Matador”, was arrested with his Brazilian girlfriend during a police operation. The two were in a car with 600 kg of cocaine, more than 100,000 euros (equivalent to R$ 550,000) and a large-caliber “arsenal of weapons”.

The arrest was registered, according to El País, in early November, but it was only announced by the country’s National Police during the presentation of the results of Operation Espeto, yesterday afternoon.

Carlos and his girlfriend, whose identity has not been revealed, were two of the 17 arrested in the operation, which began in January to try to dismantle a trafficking network set up jointly between Colombia and Spain.

The two lived in a luxury house in the city of Ourense, one of the safest regions of Spain. The residence was the target of the operation on October 28, but the couple had already left the place in a motorhome.

When stopped by the police, they claimed they were on a tourist trip from the Galicia region to the Asturias region. In addition to the two, a person with Mexican citizenship who was “guarding” the couple’s trip was also arrested.

With them, grenades, shotguns, a submachine gun and even a rocket launcher were found. Part of the materials needed to be taken to a bunker for proper explosion.

“We were faced with an extraordinary arsenal of weapons, something unthinkable in Spain until today,” said one of those responsible for the operation, Antonio Martínez Duarte, in an interview with the newspaper El Comercio.

According to the police, during an operation carried out in July, another 2,000 kg of cocaine were seized on a ship that was in Caribbean waters on its way to Spain. At the time, five Venezuelan crew members were arrested.

“The most important thing is that we took 2,600 kg of cocaine off the streets and an arsenal never found,” said Martínez Duarte.

The police reported that, in addition to the Brazilian girlfriend, the Venezuelan crew members and the Mexican person, people of other nationalities were detained. They must serve time in the European country.

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