Brazilian ball boy who drew Cristiano Ronaldo’s smile in Portugal vs Switzerland reveals words he exchanged with the star: ‘I didn’t believe it’

Fun moment with Cristiano Ronaldo happened during the game for the round of 16 of the World Cup, last Tuesday (6)

Last Tuesday (6), the star Cristiano Ronaldo made a lot of ugly faces for having started on the bench in Portugal’s 6-1 victory over Switzerlandby the octaves of world Cup🇧🇷

At a certain point in the game, however, he flashed a smile, perhaps his only one of the night: when he asked the ball for the Brazilian ball boy. Eduarda Mello🇧🇷

The scene was recorded by TV cameras and photographers Marc Atkins and Jewel Samad, from the agencies AFP and Getty Imageswith images that traveled the world.

This Thursday (8), Eduarda gave an interview to ESPN 🇧🇷Check out the full conversation in the video above.) and revealed how the quick exchange of words was that drew a wide smile from CR7.

“He didn’t say anything special, he just said: ‘The ball!’ And I was like, ‘Hi?’. I threw the ball and I couldn’t believe it. hi’ and his hand brushed mine. He just said ‘the ball’, really”, he said.

The ball boy also reported that, because she is very expressive, she usually makes people laugh just by looking at her. That is precisely his suspicion for the Portuguese’s smile.

“I don’t know (the reason Cristiano laughed)… We locked eyes, and I gave a big smile. Everyone tells me that when I start laughing, people laugh along with me. me or laughing with me,” he joked.

“It’s funny. I thought the moment was cool, because he returned the smile. It was cool, but I don’t really know (why the smile). I just know that it was a special moment”, he added.

According to Eduarda, the moment only lasted a few seconds, but, in her head, everything went “in slow motion”, such was the emotional impact.

However, she says she wasn’t nervous.

“It was a very quick moment, but it passed in slow motion. It was a Portugal v Switzerland, I was in the middle of the field, just enjoying the game… When I turned, there was a big smile from him, in front of me. He He had big eyes, looking into my soul. It was really cool,” he said.

“I already passed the ball to Messi, to (goalkeeper of the Mexican national team) Ochoa… But Ronaldo is humble, he looked, he valued my presence. It was cool, it was a surreal moment. I didn’t expect it, but it was really cool “, he was amused.

The Brazilian also highlighted that the star of the Portuguese national team looks “like a lie”, since he has movements similar to those of a robot.

“I remember turning around and he looked fake, he looked like a robot. Messi, too. It looked like that game (of video game🇧🇷 fifa, the same movements. It didn’t look real, I thought it was fake, a doll. I turned and saw that smile, perfect. At the time I was nervous, but normally it’s calm “, she pointed out.

How Eduarda became a ball boy

Eduarda has lived in Doha with her family for eight years and is a fan of the most popular sport in the world. Proof of this is that she gave the interview to ESPN after playing soccer with friends.

After standing out with a beautiful display, which featured goals and great passes, in addition to insistent requests for the ball, she said that she began her ball boy “career” at the 2019 Club World Cup, which had Flamengo x Liverpool at the final.

“I always play football and, in 2019, they started a program (of ball boys), because before there were only boys. When Flamengo and Liverpool came, they said they needed girls, so they didn’t have just men, and then they called mine team,” he reported.

“There was a process, we had to train a lot, for several hours. There are a lot of rules to comply with, but it’s worth it. In the Cup, they needed it again and I hadn’t signed up. But someone was expelled and they needed someone who had already done it. the training, who knew how it was and who could enter the place. They called me and I accepted”, he added.

When she is on the sidelines, in fact, the Brazilian ensures that she is 100% focused on the action of the game and never teases the athletes, no matter how famous they are.

Also because, for her, it is a matter of principles.

“At the end of the day, everyone is the same. Everyone is made of skin and bones. But of course I found it very cool (the fact that I exchanged laughs with Cristiano Ronaldo), because he has a big impact on the world of football” , pointed.

sudden fame

The scene recorded next to Cristiano Ronaldo even gave a “boost” on Eduarda’s social networks – after all, she appeared next to the player who owns one of the profiles with the most followers in the world.

“I left the stadium and a friend sent me a message letting me know that she had seen the photo, that I was on TV. My family in Rio de Janeiro started sending me messages, people from Australia sending me messages!”, he said.

“I gained a lot of followers at once. I had a thousand, but after that a ‘lot’ went up. I’m getting a lot of positive messages, a lot of support”, he celebrated.

Until the publication of the report, the Brazilian already had almost 9 thousand followers on her Instagram🇧🇷

About the future, Eduarda says she is open to all possibilities. Recently, she participated in advertising videos for the airline Qatar Airways and to fifaalways related to football.

“I don’t have a fixed plan, 100%… I have an idea of ​​the future, but I don’t know. But if it’s something I want to get into, I’m super open to opportunities”, she concluded.

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