Cara Delevigne reveals she attended masturbation seminar

Cara Delevingne has revealed she took part in a masturbation seminar in a documentary, ‘Planet Sex’.

The actress participated without making characters in the documentary, and reported a discovery that she would be very ‘puritanical’ after participating in the seminar, according to Variety magazine. Cara spoke more about the subject in an interview with a Cannes TV channel, ‘Mipcom’. “I went to a masturbation seminar thinking it would be like a class and I would have a notebook and stuff. Instead there was a pink leather mat on the floor and six people were saying, ‘Well, take off your underwear. Here’s the lube.’ “, said the star.

Cara told more about the experience. “I didn’t realize I was a prude. I think I’m a cool, cool young woman who’s all for it, but I was like, ‘Sorry, what? Sorry, no, definitely not, I won’t do that.’ doing whatever I felt comfortable doing,” said the actress.

The model, who is in Cannes to promote the documentary, said she had no moments when she felt she had to preserve herself more. “It was more like, ‘What are we going to do today?’ because every day was different. I’m used to being a chameleon, but that was absurd. a porn library,” Cara said.

The series premieres on November 29, and has the following synopsis: “In each episode, Cara will explore one of the big questions (of sexuality), ask questions, take a journey of discovery through large laboratories, different cultures and individuals, in addition to her own mind and body, to come to the end with their own conclusions”.

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