Cara Delevingne celebrates series with Selena

The second season of captivating Only Murders in the Building came to an end this Tuesday (23), after 10 episodes filled with special appearances and new faces – including that of Cara Delevingnewho chatted with the Omelet about his experience on the comedy series.

Delevingne played Alice, Mabel’s love interest (Selena Gomez), and celebrated the opportunity to bring a bit of representativeness to the production: “It was one of the reasons I wanted to do the series. It’s so important to have more representation, and not necessarily like the big narrative issue. It helps to normalize [a inclusão de pessoas LGBTQ] to the public🇧🇷

For the actress, who identifies as pansexual, this is especially important given her reach. Only Murdersa series that not only saw its popularity grow over two seasons, but also garnered several 2022 Emmy nominations.

🇧🇷It’s a different kind of plot, which is not what people expect, and I love that.“, said. 🇧🇷I think it’s very easy to put unnecessary emphasis on an LGBTQ story; there are many different dynamics of what these relationships can be, and some feel forced. [na TV]but this one works very well, because it has nuances🇧🇷

“Best job I ever did”

In addition to the plot, Only Murders in the Building gave Cara the chance to work with one of her best friends: Selena Gomez, who is also one of the series’ executive producers. 🇧🇷It was amazing, I’ve never had so much fun!”, said the actress. 🇧🇷It was cool because we know each other well, but our characters are very different from us. And it was great to be able to see how professional she is on set and to be able to hang out during her lunch breaks and go to the movies afterwards and all that.🇧🇷

And Delevingne also loved working alongside martin short and Steve Martin, whom he referred to as “legends”. 🇧🇷Martin and I have a very similar sense of humor. We joked and made the jokes between us more and more exaggerated. And Steve and I bonded over our interests in magic, and he showed me some tricks.🇧🇷

Asked if she received any advice from the two veterans, the actress said that just watching them act was a great learning experience. 🇧🇷They’re really nice and generous, and so much talent oozes from them that I never felt like I needed to ask for advice; them being themselves was the advice I needed, if that makes sense🇧🇷

In the end, the experience was well marked for Delevingne, who has also starred in productions such as Carnival Row and Suicide squad🇧🇷 🇧🇷It was the best job I’ve ever done, and finishing recording was the hardest.“, remembered.

All episodes from Only Murders in the Building are available on Star+🇧🇷

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