Casagrande accuses Kaká of supporting the coup, calls Marcos Bolsonaro’s ‘jester’ and attacks Leifert

one day after vampetworld champion with the Brazilian team in 2002, revealed that the winning squad of that world Cup was dissatisfied with the comments of Walter Casagrandewho accused them of distancing themselves from the fans, the former striker and commentator responded in his column on UOL calling them ‘cowards’. According to him, there is a “unity” on the part of the athletes to criticize him instead of doing the same on “strong grounds”, such as political matters. Still, he accused players of being in favor of a coup in Brazil, acting like “pirate parrots” of the fifa and even left for James Leifertformer colleague of Globewho sided with the five-time champions.

In the text, Casagrande claims that the journalist tried to harm him – saying that there is evidence of this, but without exposing it -, ridiculed the commentator on the station and disrespected superiors, with the morality of being “son of a director”. “I find it interesting when they (the players) join a sports journalist who represents the reactionary bourgeoisie that imposes itself through wallets”, he wrote. The feud between the two escalated when they disagreed on texts about mixing politics with football.

Tiago Leifert was accused of "portfolio" on Globo by Casagrande, for being "director's son"🇧🇷  journalist defended five-time champions.
Tiago Leifert was accused of being “carried away” at Globo by Casagrande, for being “the son of a director”; journalist defended five-time champions. Photograph: reproduction

Regarding the 2002 squad, Casagrande said that the former goalkeeper Frames is a “court jester” of the president Jair Bolsonarothat he Rivaldo and Kaka did not accept the result of the presidential elections and said that “all the players who came together to attack him, without exception” did not repeat the gesture in anti-racist movements, against homophobia and violence against women.

“Being a world champion, like everyone else who has won a Cup for Brazil over time, is a real source of pride. But that doesn’t mean they became untouchable people”, said Casagrande in his column. “I am impressed with the unity of players in defending themselves when they are criticized by someone, more specifically when I am the critic.”

“All these players, without exception, who will “unite” to attack me did not unite to charge for vaccines, to encourage vaccination, nor against deforestation. Much less united in anti-racist movements, against homophobia, against violence suffered by women”, he continued, adding that the reasons cited by him are not “strong enough” as when “someone touches the wound”.

Casagrande followed with more specific criticisms of Marcos, the archer’s idol palm treesaccusing him of not manifesting himself in the case of Robinho, a former striker for the Brazilian national team who was sentenced to nine years in prison for rape of a vulnerable person in Italy. “I would like to know from former goalkeeper and five-time world champion Marcos what he thinks of Robinho, sentenced to 9 years in prison in Italy for rape of a vulnerable person, walking freely on the beaches of São Paulo. Doesn’t that bother you?” he questioned, citing an involvement with Bolsonaro.

“Well, it shouldn’t really bother you, because he was a ‘court jester’ from the ‘reign’ of the perverse Bolsonaro. And today, with the fall of his ‘king’, he is only left to be a ‘blunt fool’”, he continued. Kaká, one of the players cited by Vampeta as dissatisfied with Casagrande, was also criticized by the commentator, along with Rivaldo and Marcos, for allegedly being in favor of a coup in Brazil. “Well, I’m not going to talk about all the ‘musketeers’ in the penta because it’s not worth it. Even because Rivaldo, Marcos and Kaká support a coup because they also did not accept the democratic defeat of the ‘I lie’ at the polls, ”he said.

Still on the players, Casagrande reiterated that “he doesn’t change a comma” of the comments about them moving away from the fans, the comparison he made with Argentine idols – praising the “hermanos” for watching the games in the stands – and the criticism for the 2022 squad , next to Ronaldo Phenomenonhaving eaten in Qatar a “meat of gold”, famous delicacy by celebrity chef Nusret Gökçe in his restaurant. He ended by disagreeing with the proximity to FIFA authorities in a controversial host country, even on business. “To be paid to sit there like a pirate’s parrot by the leaders of Fifa and Qatar in a country that does not respect human rights, treats women as an inferior being, and defends homophobia, is more depressing than going for free”.

Vampeta revealed in a program on Young pan that the 2002 World Cup squad was dissatisfied with Casagrande’s statements. According to the former midfielder, some of the members expressed themselves in a WhatsApp group. “It’s causing the biggest controversy here, there’s a group of 2002 from the selection, and the guys are p… with Casagrande”, revealed Vampeta. “Kaká, who is from the church, said: ‘he worked so long in the Globe, why when he covered the World Cup didn’t he leave the studios and go to the crowd? This is the simplest one… If I show the rest, it’s going to be a mess… As much as not, but I like Casagrande”.

Throughout the program, Vampeta was quoting some of the comments made by fellow cast members: “’Let’s laugh at this guy’, ‘He’s a sucker’. There’s Marcos goalkeeper, a crowd. Luizão🇧🇷 Pike🇧🇷 gilbert silva… if I’m going to talk about each one here …”, he continued, reiterating that he did not agree with his colleague’s opinion and citing foreign players who also approached the authorities. “They are there for work, they are hired by FIFA. I saw Pirlo🇧🇷 Seedorf🇧🇷 George Weah🇧🇷 The way of being of each one, of each country, does not mean that you are more idol or less idol. In this, the Casão was bad”.

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In Instagram stories, Kaká posted a montage where he “borrowed” his place next to Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, to Casagrande. Marcos also manifested himself on the networks, posting a photo of Neymar with the caption: “We don’t need him, we need Casagrande for the sixth”, followed by laughing emojis.

Kaká teases Casagrande in Instagram stories, "giving up your place" to the former striker alongside FIFA president Gianni Infantino.
Kaká provokes Casagrande in Instagram stories, “giving his place” to the former striker alongside FIFA president Gianni Infantino. Photograph: Playback/Instagram

The former striker’s initial comment, which started the discussion, was made on video where he disagreed with the presence of Brazilian stars in the football federation’s boxes. “Our ex-players, ex-idols, are sitting on FIFA’s board of directors. cafuKaka, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo, in a suit, as if they were managers”, he said at the time.

“There is a lack of identification of Brazilian idols”, he added. Of the players criticized by Casagrande, only Ronaldo is not in the WhatsApp group cited by Vampeta. O Fenômeno did not publicly comment on the commentator’s position.

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