Close to selling Endrick, Palmeiras sends a message to the foreign market with Estevão

O palm trees hit the contractual bases with Estevão’s agentsa 15-year-old jewel, and announced that the player will sign his first professional bond with the club when he turns 16 — on April 24, 2023. This happened shortly after the alviverde board advance in talks with Real Madrid to sell Endrick🇧🇷 Coincidence? O THROW! shows that it is not.

> Endrick can break record: remember the biggest sales of Brazilian players

Endrick has captured the attention of European football for a long time, even though he is only 16 years old. Speculation surrounding your name increased after the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júniortournament in which he scored a “hat-trick”: he was elected star of the competition, the scorer of the most beautiful goal and the champion.

+ Journalists from Brazil and around the world extol Endrick after his first goal for Palmeiras

At the time, the young man still did not have a professional contract with Palmeiras, but he signed in July, when he had his birthday. In the bond, a fine of 60 million euros (R$ 330 million according to current quotations) was signed.

The figures for the deal between the club from São Paulo and Real Madrid are around 72 million euros (R$ 396 million according to current quotations). There are 12 million euros more than what is foreseen in the termination fine signed in the boy’s professional contract, aiming to reduce the high fees and taxes charged by Spain in negotiations with Brazilian football.

The advance in the negotiations took place in the last few days and, soon after, the board of directors from Palmeiras announced the agreement with Estevão. The other promise from Verdão, who is seen internally as someone with the same potential as Endrick — or even more — must have a similar trajectory to that of his base partner. After all, Estevão will play in the 2023 Cup and sign a professional contract in July.

Including, to remove the 15-year-old striker from Palmeiras, clubs will have to pay the same amounts as Endrick, according to information published by wow🇧🇷

+ Estevão plans his professional debut for Palmeiras

In other words, Estevão’s “fiction” hitched a ride on the huge impact of the possible sale of Endrick, one of the most talked about young players in the world, to Real Madrid, the most successful club on the planet. Palmeiras sends a message to the foreign market that, at Academia de Futebol, there is a new prodigy, but that it will not be easy to get him out of there.


The podium of promising alviverdes is complete with Luis Guilherme, a 16-year-old attacking midfielder.
This season, for the Under-17, the boy entered the field 22 times and scored 20 times. He even scored the goal of the Brasileirão title of the category.

+ With new protagonists at the base, Palmeiras seeks to maintain hegemony in Copinha

The jewel is one more treated with affection by Palmeiras, who see the player as promising as Endrick and Estevão. Proof of this is that the release fee provided for in Luis Guilherme’s contract is also 60 million euros.

Palm trees - Luis Guilherme

Luis Guilherme is another highlight of the Palmeiras base (Photo: Fabio Menotti/Palmeiras)


Stephen (15 years old)
– 34 games, 23 goals and 8 assists (U-17)
– 4 games, 8 goals and 4 assists (U15)

Endrick (16 years old)
– 20 games, 12 goals (U20)
​- 6 games, 8 goals (U17)
– 7 games, 3 goals and 1 assist (Professional)

Luis Guilherme (16 years old)
– 22 games, 20 goals (U17)
– 2 games, 0 goals (U-20)

Endrick, Luis Guilherme and Estevão

Left to right: Luis Guilherme, Estevão and Endrick (Photo: Disclosure / Palmeiras)

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