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Gone are the days when a TV being “smart” was something of a luxury. Today, it is a basic requirement for such a device not only to access the internet but also to be compatible with as many streaming apps as possible.

Most new TVs have these functions, but if you have an older model or even want to turn any monitor with an HDMI input into a smart TV, a good way to do this is to bet on a Chromecast.

What this device does is create a “bridge” between your cell phone, notebook or tablet and the TV or monitor. With this, it is possible to reproduce on TV any content that is being displayed on the screen of these devices. And, of course, leave them free to be used as they wish, without interrupting reproduction.

Since Chromecast has this function of uniting cell phones, tablets and notebooks, the amount of content ends up being enormous. Apart from those specific to TVs, usually related to screen manufacturers, all other streaming services can be used with the device, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, etc.

Google Chromecast 3

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Price: from BRL 193.99 to BRL 174.98 (10% discount)

If you are interested in the device, know that Amazon has the Chromecast 3 on sale.

In this version, it has all the features mentioned above and is capable of transmitting with resolution up to Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels).

It is worth it?

It all depends on the TV (or TVs) you have at home. If it is a smart TV, the tendency is that using Chromecast represents little or no advantage and, in this case, there is no point in having the device.

Now if your television is older or you want to use a PC monitor as a secondary TV, the device is a great choice, especially since it costs much less than buying a new TV. Just make sure there is an available HDMI input —which is something quite trivial— and take advantage of its functions.

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