Director is bothered by Fla after comparison on the networks

In the first press conference after returning from Europe, Paulo Bracks, Vasco’s sporting director, sought a “feet on the ground” speech and, at a certain point, was uncomfortable with the budget comparisons in relation to rival Flamengo. The promise of 777 Partners on the subject, however, was published on the official pages of the club itself.

Before opening for questions, Bracks announced Maurício Barbieri as new coach and Abel Braga as technical director. Soon after, during the press conference, the journalists present remembered the statement that Josh Wander, owner of 777, gave at the beginning of the year.

At the time, on a visit to São Januário on the eve of the classic with Rubro-Negro for Carioca, he said that it would be the last time that the clubs would face Vasco at a budget disadvantage. It is worth remembering that he was in the middle of the process of selling SAF shares, so Josh still had no official relationship with the club. The statement was celebrated by fans and published by the club, with the caption “good night” (good night) and a sleeping emoji.

“I don’t respond to what Josh says. Who am I to talk about what Josh says? I won’t go into that. What I’m saying is that our budget, not compared to other clubs, is much bigger than ours this year. It is a budget that is suitable for us to be competitive in a Serie A. It is a budget that Vasco never had. I believe that even in the golden age Vasco had that budget. But I will not compare it with another club, especially the rival club”, he replied, after the first question.

The insistence on the subject bothered Bracks, who asked “the group to stop talking about Flamengo”.

“Can I ask the group to stop talking about Flamengo? General. Let’s talk about Vasco, forget Flamengo for a bit. I’m not responsible for what Josh says, for the group’s planning in terms of budget, expectations, project.” , after the subject is touched again.

The partners approved the sale of SAF shares only in August, and the operation was concluded in September. Paulo Bracks was announced in August, as well as Luiz Mello as CEO.

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