Dyson Zone is a headphone that has a built-in air purifier and costs $949

Dyson gained a lot of attention in March of this year when it announced its bluetooth headset with built-in air purifier, the Dyson Zone. With a very different look thanks to this extra element, the company is now ready to start selling it, and the price is not at all affordable.

Dyson’s new headphones with purifiers have gained more news and details, and the company has already revealed when it will start selling in the United States and more information about battery life.

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Dyson Zone has a pollution filter

Dyson Zone

Dyson decided to hit the wearable market with everything, bringing a somewhat different product. It was the company’s first wearable device and mixes a bluetooth headset with an air purifying system. They revealed that the main target audience are people who live in big cities and who live with the pollution of big centers on a daily basis.

To do this, it has a small filter that can pump fresh air straight into the face shield that covers both the user’s mouth and nose. The company revealed that this filter can remove up to 99.97% of particles in the air, including mold, bacteria and even bad smells.

The company’s CEO revealed at the time of the product presentation that “Dyson engineers have been working for the last six years on an efficient way to purify the air not only indoors but also outdoors, giving the user as much mobility as possible in any environment.”

Dyson Zone

For the operation of the filters, the Dyson Zone has two small electric motors, which activate the compressors. They are formed by a double layer, with carbon enriched with potassium. With this, they manage to prevent the passage of harmful gases found in polluted environments such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur and ozone.

Dyson reveals that the filters have an approximate duration of 12 months until they need to be changed, but this time will also depend on the level of pollution in the environment. It is possible to monitor these levels through the smartphone application, which reveals pollution levels in real time and also warns when it is time to change the filters.

“Purified air is sent to the mouth and nose through channels installed inside the visor. The user can select one of four purification modes: high, medium, low and automatic, which alternates between functions depending on the movements performed by the person.”

In the audio part, the headphones have features such as noise cancellation of up to 38 decibels. The neodymium drivers are 40 millimeters and it is still possible to use the MyDyson application to choose between 3 audio equalization modes, which can be Dyson EQ, Bass Boost or Neutral. They even have support for SBC, AAC and LHDC audio codecs, in addition to Bluetooth 5.0.

As for the battery, its duration will depend mainly on the use of the air filtering feature. Using just the headphones, without the filters, the 2,600mAh battery lasts up to 50 hours of audio playback on a single charge. If you use the filtering system in the slow setting, this time drops to just 4 hours. And increasing the setting to medium or high filtering can make the duration between two and a half hours and up to one and a half hours respectively.

The Dyson Zone recharge is done through a USB-C cable and the company claims that its headphones can recover all the energy and reach 100% with about 3 hours in the socket.

price and availability

The new Dyson Zone will go on sale in the United States from March next year, and the price will be US$ 949. That makes it twice as expensive as Apple’s AirPods Max there. In direct conversion, this value is approximately R$ 5,000.

The company revealed that before the headphones begin to be made available on its website and in partners, it will accept pre-orders for those who want to guarantee theirs. There, it will arrive in two color options, one with two shades of blue and one that mixes blue with copper.

In the case of the copper version, it will be exclusive to the site, so it can only be found on the company’s platform, and will also have extras such as a second electrostatic carbon filter, a bag and an on-board adapter kit.

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