Edmundo raises Vasco’s crying and elbow pain to Fla ‘bomba’ live: “That’s a truth”


Disparity between Cruz-Maltinos and Mais Querido bothered “Animal” this Wednesday (7)

Photo: Marcelo Sadio/vasco.com.br - Edmundo complained about Vasco's SAF with disparity with rival Flamengo
Photo: Marcelo Sadio/vasco.com.br – Edmundo complained about Vasco’s SAF with disparity with rival Flamengo

For the second day in a row, the Flamengo became the flagship in agendas of personalities linked to the rival. Last Tuesday (6), Vasco’s director of football, Paulo Bracks, was bombarded by questions about comparison with the Mais Querido and got irritated. This time, the one who returned to play at Mengão was Edmund.

The former striker played for Flamengo, but his most successful season came in São Januário. On his YouTube channel, Edmundo was uncomfortable with the economic disparity between Vasco and Rubro-Negro and criticized the unfulfilled promises of Josh Wander’s SAF (777 Partners) on Colina.

“This SAF promised that Vasco would never again play Flamengo with a technical gap. And if things go as they are, the next Vasco x Flamengo will have a technical gap. This is true. Promises that are not being fulfilled. Like promises were not complied with, nobody arrives to speak differently”, Edmund said.

In the sequence, the idol of Vasco again cited the reality of Flamengo, who dismissed Dorival Júnior and is in talks of the announcement of the Portuguese Vítor Pereira, former Corinthians. Meanwhile, the team from São Januário brought in Maurício Barbieri, a coach trained in Gávea and who managed Red Bull Bragantino for more than two years.

“If (Paulo) Bracks arrives yesterday to say: ‘Vascaíno fans, you can rest assured. We are working quietly and we are going to have a f*&* team’. I would come here and clap my hands. It’s nothing personal. It’s just a matter of anxiety to see my team competitive again. When Flamengo dismisses Dorival Júnior and hires Vítor Pereira, and Vasco announces Barbieri, there is a gap”, complained Edmund.

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