Emma Watson is dating son of controversial billionaire

Emma Watson, Harry Potter’s Hermione, is living a romance with Brandon Green

When it comes to personal life, Emma Watson insists on being discreet. However, their current relationship ended up gaining more media attention. That’s because the actress Harry Potter is living a romance with brandon greenson of controversial billionaire Philip Green🇧🇷

The rumors of affair began to emerge in September 2021, after the two were spotted leaving a helicopter in London, England. Recently, Watson and Green were photographed on a romantic stroll in Venice, Italy. But, after all, who is Brandon Green and Emma Watson’s controversial father-in-law?

Heir to a fortune valued at more than R$ 14 billion, Brandon is the son of Philip Green, the British businessman who owned the Topshop, Topman and Miss Selfridge retailers. Philip declared bankruptcy in 2020, blaming financial problems stemming from the new coronavirus pandemic. However, the 70-year-old businessman carries a long list of allegations, ranging from tax evasion to sexual harassment.

Despite not having a degree, Brandon decided to follow in his father’s career and learn about the family business. Like Emma, ​​Green leads a private life and, according to a friend: “he is very disciplined, intelligent and interested in studying, he reads a lot, travels a lot”🇧🇷



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