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The Peripherals series, which came to an end on Prime Video, has already become one of the great streaming successes of the year. The series echoes HBO’s Westworld and managed to avoid an issue with its competitor.

“Children of a blind mother, Flynne and Burton need to supplement the family income. It is in this context that an opportunity arises: Burton becomes a beta user of a new immersive game. However, the digital universe goes far beyond the metaverse, and Flynne needs to take control when her brother loses his avatar in a battle that spills over into the real world,” states the official synopsis of Peripherals on Prime Video.

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Starring Chloe Grace Moretz (Carrie the Strange), Peripherals cast includes Gary Carr (The Deuce), Jack Reynor (Midsommar), JJ Feild (Captain America: The First Avenger), T’Nia Miller (The Curse of Bly Manor) and Katie Leung (Harry Potter).

Below we reveal everything we already know about the second season of Peripherals, the series with Chloe Grace Moretz; check out.

Will peripherals get a season 2?

While Prime Video has not officially announced a second season, series producer Jonathan Nolan has revealed plans for more episodes.

Nolan, who was one of the creators of Westworld, commented that Peripherals can gain another chance to explore much more.

Given that the series has overtaken The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as the top streaming original, the creative team is just waiting for Prime Video to greenlight production on Season 2.

When can season 2 be released?

As the second season has not been confirmed, a release date has not been announced by streaming either.

However, assuming production on Season 2 can start in 2023, it’s possible that a 2024 premiere will happen.

The filming phase, as well as post-production, are time-consuming, since Peripherals makes a lot of use of CGI. Therefore, if it is renewed, the launch will take time.

The possible story and cast of Season 2

The second season of Peripherals will probably continue to unravel the story that takes place in the first year.

Showing that the series works as an immersive game, the characters need to save the world, as it is in the first season.

Flynne Fisher is yet to stop the Jackpot in its 2032 timeline, while the research institute cannot launch its neural implant program in 2099.

The new year is yet to show more about the Neoprims, and if they can get their hands on Cherise’s plans, a dark future awaits in season two.

In addition, Moretz is expected to return to the lead role, along with Reynor, Eli Goree and Gary Carr. All of these play important roles in the story.

Due to the theme of the series, not even the death of any character in the story is permanent, and everyone who died in the first season has chances to return.

Peripherals is available on Prime Video.

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