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X fast and Fast and Furious 11the last two Fast and furious movies, can replicate Marvel’s greatest cinematic achievement. Considering how the Fast and furious family is always ready for a new adventure, star and producer Vin Diesel had to say that the next two Fast and furious the films will be the last of the franchise. Over 20 years, 10 movies and an animated series later, Fast and furious has established itself as one of Hollywood’s most enduring IPs, and therefore deserves an ending on an epic scale. For a saga that has only grown in scale since Fast Fivegoing big to the end won’t be a challenge for Fast and furious🇧🇷

While superhero movies, especially the MCU, have become in a league of their own when it comes to blockbusters, Fast and furious has had good box office results over the last ten years. Fast Fivethe first Fast and furious film on a nine-figure budget, grossed $626 million, beating other 2011 blockbusters like Captain America: The First Avenger🇧🇷 Now, more than a decade later, Fast and furious will return to the big screen with its most expensive film yet, X fast🇧🇷 Therefore, X fast will have to deliver a large-scale finale that justifies its budget, similar to what Marvel did with Avengers: infinity war and Avengers: End of the game🇧🇷

Fast 10 and 11 will end Fast and Furious

Fast & Furious 10 Vin Diesel Cast Update Big Story Troubles

The Fate of the Furious and F9 showed that the franchise can always be more creative when it comes to car stunts, as it shows The Rock’s Hobbs holding a missile with his bare hands or Tej and Roman flying a rocket into space. Still, for these moments to work, Fast and furious it has to constantly recycle stories and undo previous moments. For example, Fast Five ended with the Fast and furious family all becoming millionaires, only for them to go back to work in Fast & Furious 6🇧🇷 Likewise, Fast & Furious 6 saw the crew receiving their pardons, but they returned to action in furious 7🇧🇷

given as each Fast and furious movie since Fast Five would have worked as the saga’s conclusion, except for sequence hook moments like Fast Fivereveal that Letty was alive, it can be said that a Fast and furious end is long overdue. There’s not much more Fast and furious movies can do, both in terms of story and scale. The last two installments told similar stories with recurring antagonists and repetitive MacGuffins. F9 may have added a new character, Jakob Toretto, and brought back Han Lue, but there just isn’t enough story potential to justify another decade of Dominic Toretto. Fast and furious films.

Fast X’s budget is on par with Infinity War and Endgame

Thanos snap dodged without infinity stones

X fastThe company’s budget is reportedly closer to $340 million (via The Wrap🇧🇷 As a comparison, Avengers: infinity warthe first film in the two-part conclusion to the Infinity Saga, had a budget of $316 million. infinity war was one of Marvel’s most ambitious films as it saw dozens of Marvel characters teaming up for a fight against Thanos and his army across the universe. While X fast will have a larger cast compared to F9including additions like Brie Larson, Jason Momoa, Daniela Melchior and Alan Ritchson, it’s still surprising that X fast it will cost more than infinity war🇧🇷

Another interesting comparison is Avengers: End of the gameby far Marvel’s most ambitious film and the second highest-grossing film of all time. End of the game had a budget of $356 million, not far X fastcurrent US$ 340 million. For a saga that began with a $38 million budget movie, it’s shocking that Fast and furious is now on par with infinity war and End of the game in terms of budget. That said, considering how the last three major Fast and furious movies grossed over $3.4 billion combined, that’s significant X fast after all, the budget can be justified with an equally strong box office performance.

Fast X could be Fast & Furious Infinity War

fast and furious 10 brie larson jason momoa and vin diesel

Although Fast and furious and the Marvel universe obviously tell very different stories, X fast can be compared with infinity war not just in terms of their budget, but also what they meant for their respective franchises. The MCU as a franchise didn’t end the fight against Thanos, but infinity war and End of the game it can be considered as an end to the first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Infinity Saga, similar to Fast and furious, had been around for over a decade and was generating billions at the box office, which called for an ambitious conclusion. Therefore, infinity war it had to be Marvel’s biggest movie yet, a challenge that X fast now face.

From Fast Five for F9The Fast and furious the films always surpassed the previous ones in terms of scale and action pieces, which creates a certain level of expectation with each new film in the saga. With X fast confirmed as the penultimate Fast and furious movie, those expectations for what the saga will now deliver are higher than ever. X fast is already living up to those expectations, at least in terms of the cast, as virtually every major F9 character is returning for the next Fast and furious film along with the new cast additions.

Not much is known about X fastof the story, except that the film will reference Fast and furious movies as suggested by actor Tej Ludacris. However, given that X fast and Fast and Furious 11 are being described as a two-part finale, despite no longer being filmed back-to-back, a few things can be inferred about the next one. Fast and furious movie. if Fast and Furious 10 and 11 repeat similar tricks from two-part movies, then X fast will likely end in a cliffhanger that sets Fast and Furious 11 like the grand finale. That was exactly what infinity war did, with Thanos’ snap cliffhanger being one of the reasons behind End of the gamerecord opening weekend.

Fast & Furious 11 has to be the franchise’s endgame

Vin Diesel Dominic Toretto Fast and Furious Robert Downey Jr Ironman Avengers Endgame portals scene

if X fast play like Fast and furious🇧🇷 infinity warthen Fast and Furious 11 must be from the franchise End of the game🇧🇷 Time travel and portals might be too much to handle. Fast and furiousbut the final film in the saga can still replicate some of the End of the gamethe best exploits. Thanks to the element of time travel, Avengers: End of the game was able to revisit the franchise’s past and celebrate previous MCU films, something that Fast and Furious 11 can repeat with the help of flashbacks. With a legacy of two decades, Fast and Furious 11 it feels like the end of an entire saga and not just another adventure.

Per Fast and Furious 11 to really feel like the culmination of Fast and furious franchise, it will have to be the biggest film in the saga of all time. Similarly, End of the game it had to appear bigger than all of Marvel’s previous films, something that was achieved with Earth Battle. End of the game saw every possible MCU character coming together for one final battle against Thanos and his army, something that Fast and Furious 11 can replicate, all differences considered. Final Fast and furious The film was supposed to bring together as many characters as possible for a great action sequence, something that would honor the tone of the franchise and end the saga on a high note.

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