Former Corinthians come out in defense of Tite and the Brazilian national team after criticism from Roy Keane

Currently in Turkish football, Kazim appears on social media whenever he can to talk about Timão. However, this time the former Corinthians insisted on defending Tite and the Brazilian national team after criticism from Roy Keane, Manchester United idol.

According to the former player, Canarinho would be disrespecting opponents by dancing after the goals scored, but Kazim warns that this is cultural in Brazil and that only those who were exposed to it could give an opinion about it.

“People need to start exposing themselves to different cultures and countries, then and only then can you give your opinion on why Brazilians or anyone else dances… it’s not to humiliate, it’s to exalt your people“, said the former Corinthians.

🇧🇷To all my Brazilians: never change! You are the most loving and welcoming people in the world. Yes, there are some problems in Brazil, but believe me, the same goes for all other countries, but for you, football and dancing are not a (problem)!” – check post below.

The declaration of the Manchester United idol has had a lot of repercussions in Brazil, after all, the criticism was directed at the Brazilian team. The speech in question was as follows:

“I Think it’s really disrespectful to the opponent and they do it all the time🇧🇷 And still the coach gets involved🇧🇷 I don’t think it’s cool,” complained the defender to ITV1a British broadcaster where he works as a commentator.

Lately, Roy Keane has gained fame in England for his bitter criticism of footballers in the country, especially those who play for the club where he made history. This was another one of the speeches of the former athlete that reverberated on social networks.

It is worth remembering that even Kazim’s comments are aimed at defending coach Tite, the English naturalized Turkish never worked with the coach. When the player arrived at Parque São Jorge, in 2017, the gaucho was already in the Brazilian national team.

For Corinthians, Kazim played in 37 matches and scored four goals. In addition, he was present in the conquests of the 2017 and 2018 Paulista Championships and the 2017 Brasileirão.

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