Former goalkeeper Marcos publishes photo as a clown to mock Casagrande and Neymar laughs

Former goalkeeper Marcos, from Palmeiras and the Brazilian National Team, responded to the column written by Walter Casagrande, former player and idol of Corinthians, this Thursday. On his personal Instagram, he published a photo of him dressed as a clown, with a red nose.

“Kiss, Walter Casagrande. Relax, you’re very tense”, he wrote, with several emojis laughing and tagging the commenter in the post. He even responded to a comment: “He called me a court jester, who am I to disagree?”, referring to the text written by the former athlete.

Neymar, who is with Brazil at the World Cup in Qatar, was one of those who ironically responded to the post. “Stop, man”, also with emojis laughing.

Last Wednesday, Casagrande criticized, in his column on UOLthe attitude of some former five-time champions players who are in Qatar, like Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Kaká, for example, calling them a “pirate parrot”.

He also spoke of Marcos, questioning whether the former goalkeeper joined other fellow professionals to charge Robinho, convicted of rape of vulnerable in Italy. Still, he calls him a “court jester” who defended the “‘reign’ of the perverse (Jair) Bolsonaro”.

Journalist Tiago Leifert, who was also named in the text, was another to take a position this Thursday in a long post on his social networks, contradicting what was stated by Casagrande. Marcos commented, even before making his own post (with the clown photo):

“Damn, all this because I made fun of his opinion that we don’t need Neymar, he already went out spitting fire, mixing politics and attacking you just because he liked my post. Relax, he called me Bolsonaro’s court jester, he involved me in Robinho’s case , I don’t even know if I answer, I’ll think. There are people who despise, sometimes, it’s the best thing to do “, he wrote.

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It all started a few days ago, when the former player criticized Neymar’s posture on and off the pitch. In Brazil’s victory over South Korea, when the number 10 returned from injury and the team won 4-1 and advanced to the next stage, Marcos posted a photo of Neymar and criticized Casão: “We don’t need him, we need Casagrande to the hex”.

Several players and former players, as well as other names in the sport, such as Leifert, liked and commented on the post, which was then answered with the text published by the commentator.

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