From the pandemic to Neymar’s scolding, UOL tells the backstage of the selection

The experience of six years of work that culminates in the World Cup in Qatar helps to make the selection a more comfortable environment with the players. One of the reasons is the mixture of youth and experience prioritized by the coaching staff.

When they enter the field, the older ones like Daniel Alves, Thiago Silva, Casemiro and Danilo recognize in the younger ones a generation capable of taking Brazil far, with enough talent to be world champions again after 20 years. This helps to embrace the youngsters not only on the field, but also when it comes to transferring the experience to decisions outside of it.

On the other hand, Antony, Vini Jr, Rodrygo and Militão like to call themselves the messy gang and always try to include “even the most serious ones, who are usually the oldest”, as the defender has already defined. Jokes aside, the main inspiration comes from observing the behavior of these veterans.

Tite and the coaching staff managed to develop a level of intimacy that is familiar to anyone who has been there since the last cycle and at the same time manages to absorb the newer ones.

The strategy of dividing the tasks of observations and face-to-face visits means that some of the technician’s assistants have a closer channel with those summoned assigned to them. There is also the component of generations: the youngest wing of the coaching staff, made up of Matheus Bachi and performance analyst Thomaz Araújo, has a language that breaks down some barriers.

When the conversation is more tactical, with the most questioning wing formed by Thiago Silva and Danilo, for example, Cleber Xavier can also be an ally to dialogue with the players, decentralizing Tite’s missions.

Holders and reserves feel welcomed, in general. So much so that Brazil was the only team that used the 26 squad in the World Cup. Even figures who would be unquestionable supporting players, like the third goalkeeper Weverton, feel prestigious. The wide smile when entering the final part of the game against South Korea, in the round of 16 of the Cup, is proof of that.

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